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Pro....And Con

DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Dear Sir:
Your fine paper has been enjoyed tremendously at my house, but I hope it is not going to become a mere transmitter of unfounded statements. I am referring to the article in the July 11, 1962 issue by Herb Cole concerning the Mission Drums contest. I did not miscontrue his remarks, but took them as he wrote them. His remarks were not authoritative, quite obviously, or he could not have made the statements he did about the Hawthorne Caballeros.

I should like to give Mr. Cole some AUTHORITATIVE answers to his remarks. Hawthorne plays the most difficult music ever written for the bugle. This is a well known fact, and can be proven by asking any judge who has ever been on the field with them. They have nine parts to each of their arrangements: solo, first and second soprano, first and second french horn, solo, first, second and bass baritone.

Mr. Cole stated that "the drill is certainly basic with a few highlights." Well, I think he should look again. Perhaps then he will realize that Hawthorne actually spots their opposition points every time they compete. They have the largest corps in competition, therefore, more men to make mistakes. Their drill is one of the most difficult performed on the field; so, next time you see them, notice how many obliques and flank movements you see ou see as compared to ANY OTHER corps. Notice the quick squad recovery, and the cadence, and the straightness of squads and rifles and fronts.

If Herb Cole considers this "boring and on the border of uninteresting" I do not feel that he is enough of an authority on drum corps to have an article such as his July 11 review of the Mission Drums to be published in such a fine paper as DRUM CORPS NEWS.

I doubt very much that this letter will be published, but please see to it that Herb Cole receives it.

Gerald A. Simpson
Kingston, N.Y.

Letters to the Editor

DCN September 12, 1962 issue

Dear Mr. Cole,
I received the Drum Corps News this morning and proceeded to read your article about Mission Drums - first with curiosity, then with mounting interest, and finally, with absolute amazement! Your opinions were so completely like mine, that we might be twins! be twins!

Wasn't Archie great? Their music is so fabulous that one hardly notices their M&M mistakes. When the announcer gave the 2nd place score, I confidently wrote it into Archie's box and sat stunned when it was the Skyliners who were "Chosen" for that position. I'm still shaking my head!

The Yankee Rebels impressed me for the second time in two weeks and became my third favorite corps this year. I was surprised that you didn't mention Wild Bill Hooten's coming out of "retirement" to lead his men to a big win. I still smile broadly when I think of his dramatics that night. I bow on my knees to him for what he's done for my Number 1 corps, the fabulous Interstatesmen - but I don't admire him for thinking his Rebels couldn't do it without him that night! I think it was an insult to their very capable Major but that's just another opinion. Did you see him throw his gloves down before the judges?

And how about Hawthorne - I would just be repeating what you wrote! It's the once-a-year D.C. fans who get all excited upon hearing the words "the Hawthorne Caballeros". We avid once-a-week fans just sit back and watch the repeat performance with respect but little interest.

I sincerely hope you've seen the most improved corps in the country - the Interstatesmen. If you haven't, Mr. Cole, and when you do, take note of our drummers and let me know what you think, will you?

Mary Ann Wojtaszek
Adams, Mass.

Long Island News

By Rosemary Feliney
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Hope I don't make too many enemies with my comments about the NY State Legion Competition. Sure hope to see some changes (Not only in the weather) next year.

Selden's competition on Aug. 18th was the biggest yet on the Island. Standing room only. The first corps on the field was the Allied Nautical Cadets of Centereach, an exhibition corps, who have only been on valve bugles for about 8 months. Their rendition of "Way Marie" brought back some pleasant memories of the old "Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Days".

The first corps in competition was St. Brendan's of Newark, N.J., playing "Moon River", "Younger than Springtime", and "I Only Have Eyes for You" to the dipping of the colors.

Not having seen St. Vinny's of Madison, N.J. for about a dozen years (when they were first organized on straight horns), I was in for a surprise. "Tonight", "My Romance", "Let's Face The Music" and "When I Fall In Love" went over very well. Are the soles of the "Woodsiders" painted black?

The other corps on hand were: St. Lucy's, Newark with three drum majors; Bridgeport PAL; NY State Amer. Legion Champs, Our Lady of Loretto; and the NY State American Legion Sr. Champs the Skyliners, who put on an exhibition along with the host corps, Selden.

The moon really played tricks that night. When Loretto came out garbed in orange, the moon was an orange color; and by some coincidence, when the Selden Golden Knights came out the moon changed to gold.

Out of curiousity, how many corps does Hy Dreitzer write for? I lost count about umpteen ago.

It sure was great meeting so many of you at the Dream.... And those of you who missed it, suffer, suffer. Saw some people from Florida, Canada, Minnesota and Alabama. It was like old home week for the former members of the Skyliners. They all got together. Of course, our old favorites the Skyliners, Garfield, Audubon, Blessed Sacrament, Hawthorne and Archie-Epler were back again. The Conn. Hurricanes were on hand for their first appearance at the Dream, and they looked mighty good in their new uniforms, playing "Mariah", "Battle Hymn of the Republic", "I've Got Plenty of Nothing", and "Tonight".

Wish I could become a "Yankee-Rebel". Power plus, that's what they have. Among other numbers, the "Stripper" went of the biggest. Between the "Stripper" and the Skyliners "Twist", the audience was in an uproar.

Getting back to Long Island -- Flash -- There is an attempt being made to organize a Jr. Corps at Lake Ronkonkoma and much talk of organizing a Sr. Corps in the Mid-Island area.

Buttehorn Brothers, VFW, Fife Drum and Bugle Corps sounded wonderful at practice a couple of weeks ago. If they ever go into M&M, the competition they could give other corps would be tremendous. Currently a parade corps, instructed by my old friend, Frank Mangan, the fife, drum and bugle combo's on "Taras Harp", "Lady Be Good", and "My Love For A Lassie" are sweet music to all ears.

If any new corps is interested in purchasing some uniforms, contact Mr. Everett Baldwin, Bethpage, L.I., N.Y.

Two new corps on the LI scene - the Patricia Park Pacers of Bay Shore, L.I., and the Saxton Knights of Centereach directed by Mike Auletta.

The Mainliners of Floral Park really have a wonderful benefactor who supplied them with a new set of drums a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see them in their new uniforms, recently purchased, and the new drums.

The Farmingdale Falcons look great in their new uniforms. Corps Director is Jim Crosby; Drum Major is Barbara Vascati. The sticking in the drum section is tops.

Know how the Marianettes (not Marionettes) of St. Albans got their name? They were formed in the Marian Year.

The Pequa Squaws Color Guard Team also have a B squad, which will be giving the regulars some competition mighty soon.

Still waiting to hear from the girls of the Emerald Cadets, Rochester, color guard - formerly the Pt. Pleasant Cadets and the 1962 Jr. Open International Canadian Color Guard Champs.

Sorry to miss the Shelburne Sentinels Sr. Drill Team at the State Comp. Former State Champs from 1958 to 1961, they couldn't compete due to lack of men.

That's about it for now. Why not drop me a line or two.

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Ed Rooney's

DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

WHEE THE PEOPLE -- When big JACK WERNER (Archie -- ex-St. Joe's) wins he wins BIG - Jackie-boy walked off with a Cadillac at a recent Atlantic City raffle . . . . JAN CANNON (Kevins) and dapper MIKE NOSAL (Garfield's Color Capt.) are the veddy latest coosome twosome . . . VAL KASTON (the guy who put the CAVALIERS on the road) did the tabulating table honors at this yrs "Drum Beauty" ....

Is it true or is it ain't - I mean about BOBBY THOMPSON calling it quits at BLESSED SACRAMENT come autumn-time ... And wotta you think of the bit on SIE LURYE buying a surplus Capital airliner fr his ROYALAIRES (that guy is fabulous)..... Veddy popular corps personality to head-up the coming uniformed groups congress at Indianapolis... Ace twirler HARRY KOHLER's spending the summer instructing at the Florida Baton School.... Color Sgt. KATHY DAVIS (Casper, Wyo. TROOPERS) is a twin to brother KENNY who plays a very mean Bari solo fr that fast-rising unit...

Popular Boston color guard instructor HELEN DELANEY in New Mexico as part of a teacher lend-lease deal... The SCOTTY CHAPPEL-CLIFF FISHER combine working hard to field a champion-calibre PRINCEMEN in '63.... JOYCE DALY (of Garfield's KEMMERER household) is sporting a veddy special gift from a veddy special fwend --- Initials D.M.

Happiest guy in Chicago is DON WARREN who's still on cloud 9 over his Nationals victory... and the cwaziest guy in drum corps is yr ole columnist who has a very cwazy funny to tell you.

TICKLING THE TRIPEWRITER: Did you hear about the guy who bought a Hathaway shirt and 45 minutes later one of his eyes began to bother him? (hehehoho)

DREAMBOAT (Yr fav'rit columnist reports from the DREAM).... YANKEE REBELS very popular with the stands in their 1st "Dream" in yrs and yrs... AUDUBON lovelies looking lovelier in their new and soooooo purty uniforms (and sounding quite lovely as well)...

STET RICHMOND and Fleetwood's DICK BLAKE eyeing each other with friendly wariness from adjoining turn-tables... ARCHIE sporting that BIG and beautiful sound - but could that fast cadence be hurting the drill??... And no doubt that HAWTHORNE was #1 on the applause meter... The OPTIMISTS and DeLaSALLE buried the hatchet and pooled pennies and cars fr the long ride to Dreamsville.... Most spectators thawt the BLESSED SACRAMENT-GARFIELD-KEVINS shows were a toss-up fr the top prize.... the WOODSIDERS exhibition labeled them a corps due fr many happy headlines... Live-wire JOHNNY MYERS cracking a mean whip to get the corps onto the line... RAY SAMORA (the Wm. Randolph Hearst of the drum corps) peddling his wares and making muchos $$$$$ in the $tadium lobby... RALPH SILVERBRAND and his Junior edition were the target of foto-fans all afternoon.... 3 ex-Bostonians among the huge contingent of Nuns on hand - And they made NO bones about root-root-tooting fr the home team...

The ticket line started forming at 8 ayem and wotta scene out of Ben Hur by noontime... REILLY and ARCHIE had their quota of Air Forcemen in line... And that was DCNews editor DICK HENNESSEY doing the photographer bit on the contest sidelines... Golden Knight musicman JIM DAY the most pleased guy (and rightfully so) of the afternoon.... Debonnaire columnist JACK O'BRIEN searching the stands for an item to enchance his DCWorld masterpiece... Judge-prexy CHARLIE NABOR back to his old self and presiding over an excellent slate of judges... And the lucky devils who stayed fr the final unit to leave reeeeeally had a treat -- the YANKEE REBELS "stripper" went thru the COMPLETE bit (and we DO mean complete) ending with a riproaring and veddy patriotic flag (Confederate suh!) waiving finale.... and if you guys in the front row will follow me --- we'll bump and grind on to the next paragraph.

EDDIE's CAROUSEL --- Medics have informed one of drum corps most influential names to stay thirsty or start drawing up his will.... GARFIELD to Canada fr next yrs SCOUTHOUSE 30th Anniv'sry show and vice-versa.... ST. PAUL SCOUTS soooooo proud of their "Seattle World's Fair Flag"... New senior corps slated fr Newark with BALLANTINE Co. as sponsor -- ex-BLESSED SAC men to make up most of the line.... Lakewood AMBASSADORS are upping their horn line to 36 guys.... DUMONT Police Cadets look like a champ in the making -- many bets on them to be the #1 corps in next season's Greater NYork Circuit... FLEETWOOD-DCNews planning a Midwestern standstill (and a Senior CARNEGIE HALL show)... Several LA Chinese corpsmen over to the Culver City Imperials... St. Rose LANCERS live-wire JIM CASEY a good public relations man -- He's been gifting the column writers with his corps new decals... Don't be surprised if you hear of a sudden change of site fr next yrs VFW Nat'ls... REILLY revamping this Fall with new guys invited into the ranks (call Al Baker at DA4-#### in Philly fr details)

TRU CRAWFORD's famed Air Force guys gained many fans in the NEngland area via a flawless show at Rochester, NH.... MICKEY PETRONE hinting a Senior ST. VINNIEs is not too far off... JIM CONDON heading fr Las Vegas to ready fr the big Legion show.... KEVINS to end season in the NY-NJ area via the Sept. 29-30 shows.... And we'll end this column with a reminder that next issue we'll name the winner of our annual "SHOWMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD" - and if you're one of drum corps colorful soloists, majors, etc. etc. -- then -- it may be Y-O-U.

Why Do Fans Boo

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Dear Mr. Samora,

Last Saturday, July 28, I went to a contest in Garfield, New Jersey. I enjoyed this contest very much. I thought that all the corps did very well. What I can't understand is why the spectators "booed" Blessed Sacrament when they were announced as first. I am a fan of St. Kevins, but I think that this was unsportsman like.

Also, when the National Anthem was being sung, people were talking and laughing and showed no respect for the National Anthem.

Christine Gaylor
Hicksville, L.I.