Monday, June 23, 2008

My Apologies To You All !!

Dear Fellow Drum Corps Nuts,

(Here's the Readers Digest version)
I'm very sorry that I haven't been adding on anything in quite a while. I've been extremely busy and exhausted lately. Spring hit and I'm overwhelmed with things that need to be taken care of (if you own an old house and a good size piece of property... I'm sure you can relate). Some of you know that I have arthritis in both hands and a bad back... this isn't helping me get things done.

So, by the time I get to the computer... ugh. I haven't even visited most of my favorite internet hangouts in about a month or more. I've made *hit n runs* in basically two spots on the internet and that's about it. I just haven't got it in me lately. Plus, there really aren't enough hours in a day. It's true!

Now, that I'm getting to the point where I'll be able to start adding on again... at least a little at a time.... the clutz that I am.... I got tangled up in cords recently and knocked a bunch of things off my desk and broke them (one of them was my scanner). Luckily for all of us.... a fellow reader here.... just offered me a scanner (he didn't even know that I broke mine!) Talk about timing!
He's a God Send!!

I want to thank you all for contacting me and apologize for not returning your emails. Hopefully, you'll understand. It's pure exhaustion and pain. It's nothing personal... I'm not a typist - more of a hunt and peck.... and after all the other work I've been doing lately.... I just can't be typing too!!
Simply haven't been up to it. Sorry.

After I receive this scanner and get it working with my system.... I'll be adding back on. I'm no where's near being done... heck, I've barely made a drop in the bucket!!

It's so great to hear from all of you (especially, neat to hear from the writers / photographers that I've been posting). I'm so glad that everyone is enjoying this site.

Although, I must admit, I now understand why others have tried to put up similar sites only to take them down due to theft. It's not just the fact that we bought and saved all this stuff that I'm putting up. It's a lot of work to put out here (for me anyway). I carefully label every article and photo, what publication, date, author, photographer, ...etc., etc. to give all proper credit exactly where it belongs. It's in chronological order on purpose. I purposely separate entries... so that there's no need to steal them. At the top of each entry, it explains how to link directly to that entry. And if anyone has a problem trying to do that properly they can easily email me. And still, I see that people just take what ever they want as though it's always been theirs and most of the time they don't even copy it fully to give the original people the proper credit either.

This isn't exactly the perfect site for this project... but, I'm not a computer geek. I found this place... it looked like it would work... it was free for me to use and free for you to enjoy. Wah Lah! Here we are.

Ok, this has taken me 3 days to write.... now, minus *all* the boring details... you know what's up. Hopefully, we'll be back at it soon. (maybe a week?)

Again, my apologies and appreciation for both contacting me and for hanging in there!

In the meantime or anytime, if you need a Drum Corps fix... tune in to Diceman radio !!
BTW, the Diceman is Ron Allard - my other half. He's the owner / operator. I'm just the DJ.
Your personal DJ (via email requests)
Diceman Radio: 24/7 Old Time Drum Corps
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Stay tuned!