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Golden Eagles Win Michigan Legion Show
Drum Corps News - July 11, 1962 issue

Iron River, Michigan, June 16, - The Upper Penninsular Association of American Legion Posts held their Convention Contest this evening. The L'Anse Golden Eagles finally toppled the Northernaires from Menominee to win the Junior Corps Contest . . Bessember, the defending Senior Corps, was un-opposed to win again.

In the Junior Color Guards they finished in the following order
L'Anse ............... 95.1
Ishpeming ......... 90.8
Menominee ....... 89.45

Actual scoring of the Junior Corps is as follows: with the three Juniors in 1, 2, and 3 being very close.
L'Anse Golden Eagles ......................... 77.25
Ishpeming Blue Notes ........................ 76.25
Menoninee Northernaires .................. 75.55
Ontonagon Mountaineers .................. 62.95

This was the initial contest for the Mountaineers. Around the state the disbanding for 1962 of the Edison Lamplighters Senior Corps of Detroit is now official. June 23, 1962 will find the Upper Peninsular Junior Corps and the Lower Peninsular Junior Corps vie for honors. The Sarnia Lionettes are defending champions.

Skyliners Sweep Honors At Hornell
By Joe Price
Drum Corps News: July 11, 1962 issue

Hornell, N.Y., June 16 - - The SKYLINERS, from the "big city", once again displayed their tremendous talent for showmanship by completely dominating the 3rd Annual International Drum Corps Pageant.

Despite the fact that this was an all-exhibition show, complete with chorus girls, special stage and lighting effects, and very timely fireworks, awards were given for the best Drum Major and the corps with the best "Soloists". Both awards went to New York and deservedly so as WALT WINKLEMAN was at his best and the Skyliner soloists were superb.

This show was really a "production" in every sense of the word. A stage was set up at one end of the field, and each performing unit entered the field through an elaborate gate and ramp at one side of the stage. The arrival of each group was heralded by an elaborate and noisy display of fireworks.

A huge amount of praise must be given to GENE BURNS, of the Hornell Jr. Chamber of Commerce, as he produced the show and also acted as Master of Ceremonies. A special salute must be given to BURNS for using drum corps to such great advantage. Most good corps possess far more talent than they are able to display on the contest field; however, it is all too infrequent that they get an opportunity to let the public enjoy this great wealth of talent.

The Hornell International Pageant is truly a community project though, as everyone in the "Maple City" does his best to make the show a success and especially to make visitors feel welcome.

The theme of the "Pageant" was "Showtime on Broadway", which was a natural for the SKYLINERS. The program started with a motocade around the park and an introduction of all special guests and drum majors, followed by an overture of "West Side Story" by the Hornell High School Concert Band.

First corps to appear was the GENEVA, N.Y. - APPLEKNOCKERS, who thrilled the crowd with "Tiger Rag" - "Jezebel" - "Moon River" and their unforgetable exit to "Apple Blossom Time".

Next to appear were "Rochester's Own" GREY KNIGHTS and as usual their portrayal of the IWO JIMA FLAG RAISING received a large-size ovation from the crowd. Too bad there wasn't a color guard award, for the GREY KNIGHT "GUARD" did a tremendous job throughout the show and especially on the "Clock Sequence" to the tune of "Time on my Hands".

Second only to the SKYLINERS, in audience appeal, was the HOLLY HAWKS marching band. This is definitely not the usual type of band. They look, act, perform, and sound like a big top flight drum corps. RAY SHAHIN, their director, does a good bit of bugle judging each season so it could be an influence on the "band". Their music, which is strictly drum and bugle corps type, consists of "Cherry Pink" - "Serenata" - "Bugler's Holiday" and many others. They give a very moving performance of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's "Messiah" and their theme song of "Copa Cabana Mambo" is a real treat. Incidentally, LEFTY ATKINSON, Color Guard Captain for the Grey Knight C.G., is the instructor for the very fine HOLLY HAWKS Color Guard.

The MARCHING AMBASSADORS from Toronto, Ont. added the international touch with their color guard wearing the costumes of the various flags they carried. Their horn line was tops as usual.

Preceding the SKYLINERS' appearance, the park lights were turned out and the GERALDINE CALLAHAN DANCERS did a production number, using the "black light" and other stage effects, in a salute to the SKYLINERS. As the corps was marching onto the field LUDWIG VON DRUMHEAD, alias JACK MARNS, seated himself at a piano, by the center edge of the field, and entertained the audience with his comedy routine, and set the stage for the terrific impact the New Yorkers made on the crowd.

The SKYLINER show this season is tops all the way, with "Showtime On Broadway" - "Tenement Symphony" - "42nd Street", plus many others. Their arrangement of "I Walk With God" is beautiful to hear and watch, and they certainly deserve a big hand for using it. Following their regular field performance, WALT WINKLEMAN marched the SKYLINERS up the middle of the field and back into concert formation for an encore, during which LUDWIG VON DRUMHEAD (Jack Marn) performed his version of the "Twist". The SKYLINERS then marched off single file with the whole corps singing. Truly a great performance by one of the all-time great corps.

Last, but far from least, to appear was the READING BUCCANEERS. This group seems to improve everytime out, and their show tonight was really great and well received. The BUCS came off the line with "North Sea Overture", then into "Meadowland", followed by "Climb Every Mountain" and their wonderful arrangement of "Maria" from "West Side Story". They do a fine job on "You Make Me Feel So Young" and "Tonight". Their rendition of "An Affair to Remember" is very appropriate as that is exactly what their show is. The BUCCANEERS exit of "Beyond The Sea" is fast becoming as nostalgic as the APPLEKNOCKERS "Apple Blossom Time".

1962 Tournament of Champions

Drum Corps News: July 11, 1962 issue

Hershey Show Is Official; Reading Bucs Ruled Winner

Drum Corps News
July 11, 1962 issue

Officials from the Hummelstown V.F.W. Post have denied any reports that they ruled the June 9th Hershey, Pa. competition as "no contest". Contest chairman, Clarence Fisher, said no official made any ruling of this kind and he could not understand where this rumor began.

A ten point tabulation error was discovered and corrected on the New York Skyliners drum sheet after the results were announced. The official scores were as follows:

1. Buccaneers .......... 86.761
2. Yankee Rebels ..... 85.523
3. Archer Epler ....... 85.226
4. Skyliners ............. 85.088
5. Perth Amboy ....... 80.705

The tabulating error occurred because the scoring captions totaled: Marching and Maneuvering, 30 points; Drumming, 30 points; Bugling, 30 points; and General Effect, 10 points.

The drum and bugle sheets were originally set up for 20 points each, and because the Skyliners were the first corps on the field, the tabulator neglected to add the additional 10 points to the sheet. All the corps were judged on the same type drum sheet, and each drum G.E. caption was worth from 5 to 40 points. The Skyliners were awarded 4th place money.

Officials pointed out that a representative from each corps checked the score sheets after his corps had performed, and it was unfortunate that this ten point error was not discovered by the Skyliner representative at this time.

"It was a truly disappointing sight to see two established corps such as the Skyliners and Archer-Epler display an unsportsmanship-like attitude and commit the cardinal sin of a review procedure as they joined ranks and tried to outplay the 1st place Reading Buccaneers who were passing in review", contest officials said.

The audience, contrary to some stories, was well behaved and did not over-run the field as the results were announced, according to officials. They had come to see a contest with Class A senior corps both in individual performances and in review ceremonies.

Hummelstown V.F.W. officials stated: "Cecil B. DeMille may have turned green with envy as the drama unfolded, but the 'drum corps minded' audience turned white with shock at the unsportsmanship-like spectacle on the field. Their shock soon turned into thunderous applause for the Buccaneers who had presented an almost flawless performance in the contest".

"The Reading corps conducted themselves in the truly traditional drum corps manner and were given a unanimous vote of confidence by the audience as they passed in review".