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By A. W. Brooks
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

NEW BEDFORD, Mass., Aug. 18 - "SOUND of Music" was the appropriate title for this evening Northeastern Ciruit event brought about by the host, Jolly Whalers, of this city.

The Torrington Vagabonds - corpsdom's "Men in the Derbies" - took only the percussion caption tonight, but it was enough, as their overall smoothness earned them a mark of 78.816 and a previously denied taste of the spoils of victory.

Fitchburg's Kingsmen, despite highs in drill proficiency, horn execution, and general effect, could not overcome a serious deficiency in drumming and were second at 78.776, less than one-tenth out of first position.

On the other hand, drumming excellence moved the New Rochelle Wanderers into third at 78.066, only eight-tenths off the winning pace.

As proof that size is not a measure of talent, the Bath Buccaneers used improved drill and drum execution to move into fourth place with 74.166.

Somerville's Thunderbirds, with ex-Trinity field general, Rick Rodgers, subbing for the Militairized Wally Curtis, were in fifth at 71.933.


DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Now that the 1962 competition season is waning, plans are already being formulated by the Reilly Raiders to present a new and entirely different show, during the 1963 season.

Ed Middleton, Commander elect, has advised that the Raiders will present a varied scope of musical selections and drill patterns, heretofore unequalled in the annals of the bugle and drum corps world.

The Raiders invite any male, of the proper age to consider the advantages of being a member of this illustrious corps. Persons who may be interested in good drum corps fellowship, are requested to contact Al Baker. (omitting old address and phone #)

As of today..... you can contact them here :


By Fay and Francis O'Donnell
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

WARREN, Pa., Sept. 3 - An overflow crowd gathered at the War Memorial Field here tonight to witness the Cornplanters 7th Annual Spectacle of Music which was opened by the host corps. The champions of this Labor Day evening contest were the Pittsburgh Rockets with a score of 84.90. The Rockets were the recipients of the traveling trophy which they must win three consecutive years in order to retain it permanently.

Last year's champions, Geneva Apple Knockers, slipped into number two spot by scoring 80.20. Appleknockers have always been a favorite in Warren. This trip the fans really like "Heart of My Heart" and "Jezebel". Following their color presentation Geneva's guard has a tricky drill where the silks are involved in a spin-flip-whip type of maneuver. This really caught the eyes of the people. As you may have noticed many corps have been utilizing one bass drum in a tom-tom effect in concert. Well, the Appleknockers use both of their bass drums in this fashion for "Hawaiian War Chant".

Also high on the popularity list at this contest ---Niagara Militaires. Millitaires score of 78.75 left them in third place. Their uniform of the red and white blazer striped shirt, white trousers, and red socks and white shoes is topped with a straw skimmer and is a pleasant change. Most certainly it matches 100% with their theme. One drum major carries a peppermint stripe cane while their one "helper" is decked out as an old time bartender. This last person we've mentioned moves down the field and salutes the audience with his derby then leaves the field to return at retreat. As one man said he liked the Militaires because he recognized the music because he remembered singing to it and dancing to it when he was younger.

Hamburg Kingsmen's open drill was written by Dick McClain who is kept busy as their drum major. Their guard commander, Pete Brown, is responsible for producing the color guard's drill which is well-integrated into the corps' drill patterns. Incidentally, Dick Lebesque and Jeff Mathes team up for solos in concert of "My Heart Stood Still" and "Stompin' at the Savoy". Just in case some asks you ---- their spinning cymbalyst is Joe Dombroski. From their kick-off of "Kingsmen Fanfare" to the closing "And So To Sleep" with "Remember" as a fanfare, the Kingsmen exhibit a much-improved corps from the past year or so. Oh, yes, the scores! Well, quite close to Militaires as the Kingsmen have 78.07.

Low men on the totem pole with a 77.60 are the Westmoreland Esquires. A three-man rifle exchange and bit of spinning add some interest to the show. Their twister who is from the bugle line was met with varied emotions on part of the audience.

Very special guests for this contest are our good friends from Toronto ---- the Optimists. It's a real head-chopper that riflemen Al Miller, Andy Henderson, and Bill McNab have at the close of "Let Me Entertain You" as they are doing it with fixed bayonets! As always the soloists, Joe and Doug, rated A-No. 1 with the people. There may have been some people who did not recognize Jim McConkey in his new uniform as the last time he was in Warren he was with Archie. An while we're mentioning Jim------- he's celebrating a birthday this month so after you read this how about sending him a card? Tho' you may be a bit late as the date's Sept. 10th, we know he would appreciate hearing from you.

N. Y. Skyliners 1962

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962

N.Y. SKYLINERS Drum Majors Jack Marnes, left, and Walt Winkleman take their bows after the corps played their concert at the Jersey City "Dream" contest. The Skyliners finished second. (Photo by R.B. Hunter)

Reilly Raiders 1962

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962 issue

REILLY RAIDERS used a contra bass to augment their show at "Dream". (Photo by Sarah Baird)

Hawthorne Caballeros 1962

DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

POWERFUL HORNLINE of Hawthorne Caballeros plays at "Dream." (Baird photo)


DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

28,000 Attend Jersey City Show To Watch 10 Top Jr., Sr. Corps

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Aug. 26 - One of the finest "Dream" contests in recent years was served up for approximately 28,000 enthusiastic fans at Roosevelt Stadium here this afternoon, with the Hawthorne Caballeros following form by winning the senior show and Blessed Sacrament annexing a hard-fought junior competition.

Hawthorne's expected win was not an easy one, as less than four points separated the six top-flight seniors who competed and less than half a point separated the Cabs from the runner-up, arch-rival N.Y. Skyliners.

Sac finished only 1.1 points ahead of second place Garfield in the junior division, a decision that proved unpopular with many of the fans. St. Kevin's was less than half a point back in third spot.

Baltimore's Yankee-Rebels, making their first appearance here in some time, proved the special favorite of the fans with their high G.E. show, including the by-now famous - "Stripper". Their fourth place finish announcement was greeted with a chorus of boos, as has already been the case many times this season when the popular entry from the Chesapeake Bay failed to carry home top honors.

The Archer-Epler Musketeers, with their highly musical show and six snares, edged ahead of the Rebels into third place among the seniors.

The Conn. Hurricanes, accompanied by a sizeable contingent of hometown rooters, nailed down the fifth spot in their first Dream appearance.

Although they were joined by a character dressed as "Abe Lincoln" during retreat and the D.M. donned a blackface mask as an added gimmick during their rendition of "Mammy", the Reilly Raiders still finished last with a still-creditable 82.40 score.

The Raiders have come back strong this year with an entirely new musical offering and shortly will begin rehearsals with a still larger corps for the 1963 season.

Audubon's much improved Bon Bons rounded out the four-corps field in the junior show, one of the best and closest seen in recent "Dreams".

The Newark Woodsiders, who have many corpsmen from the now-defunct St. Vincent Cadets, former "Dream" hosts, in their ranks, gave the exhibition. Featuring a stunting cymbalist, the Woodsiders appear about ready to break into the top echelon of N.Y. - Jersey junior corps.

The Skyliners boasted a rooter from far away California, Bill Medina, a former member who now directs the Richmond Hawks, who flew in to see his former corpsmates perform.

The scores:
1. Hawthorne Cabs .............. 86.210
2. N.Y. Skyliners ................... 85.943
3. Archer-Epler .................... 85.036
4.Yankee Rebels .................. 84.110
5. Conn. Hurricanes .............. 83.333
6. Reilly Raiders ................... 82.400

1. Blessed Sacrament ........... 85.126
2. Garfield Cadets ................ 84.616
3. St. Kevin's ....................... 84.130
4. Audubon Bon Bons ........... 82.653

Yankee Rebels at *Dream* 1962

DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

YANKEE REBELS perform at the "Dream" contest. (R.B. Hunter photo)

Cavaliers Edge Garfield Cadets
DCN Sept. 12, 1962

MARION, Ohio, Sept. 2 - The Park Ridge, Ill. Cavaliers edged the Garfield, N.J. Cadets in a high-scoring contest here today. St. Joseph's of Batavia, N.Y. finished in third place.

The scores:
1. Park Ridge Cavaliers ........................ 88.935
2. Garfield Cadets ................................ 87.650
3. St. Joseph's of Batavia ..................... 82.816
4. Marion Cadets ................................. 80.683
5. Toledo Demons ................................ 80.633
6. Emerald Cadets, N.Y. ....................... 78.625
7. Custer's Brigade .............................. 75.233
8. Blue Devils, Lima, Ohio ...................... 62.983