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Eagles, Skylarks Win Michigan Legion Crown
By George R. Woodbridge
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Lansing, Mich., Aug. 3 - The Department of Michigan American Legion Contests for Drum and Bugle Corps were held here this evening at Sexton High School Field.

Doing a repeat of the U.P. Legion Convention, the Golden Eagles of L'Anse put on the number one show of all the Junior Corps to defeat the Menominee Northernaires as the Michigan Legion Junior Champions. . . . L'Anse, 75.69 and Northernaires, 69.70.

The contest this evening was the best corps contest at a Michigan Legion Convention in many a year. Ten Juniors and two Seniors competed in the finals. Preliminaries had been held during the afternoon with the following Junior Corps being eliminated . . . Flint, Corvair Cadets, Coldwater Blue Angels, Muskegon Wanderers, the Northwest Post of Detroit and the Haslett Warriors.

In the finals, finishing behind the Golden Eagles were the following: Royal Lancers of Wyandott, 74.753; Blue Notes, Ishpeming, 72.311; Northernaires, 69.700; the Marauders of Madison Heights, 68.645; and in No. 6 spot, the Green Hornets of Grand Rapids, 63.456.

Royal Lancers had the most outstanding drum line, the Marauders the most improved corps in the state . . . the Northernaires are really in a re-building year and it sure showed.

In the Seniors, the Flint Skylarks placed first over the Vanguards from St. Clair Shores . . . Although Flint only had eighteen bugles, they continued to play some of my old favorites....... "Tuxedo Junction", "Fine and Dandy", "Great Day" . . . The Edison "Lamplighters" of Detroit did not appear, as they have disbanded for the 1962 season... Late note:Just heard there was a tabulation error on the "Northernaires". How this will effect the outcome I will report at a later date.

Guelph Royalaires Win Starlite Spectacular
By J. Ian Stott
DCN Sept.12, 1962 issue

GALT, Ont., Sept. 1 - The Galt Jaycees sponsored their annual STARLITE CHAMPIONSHIPS here tonight and it gave corps fans a sneak preview of the Canadian Championships, Sr. Division, to be held at Waterloo next week. Canadian Champion Guelph Royalaires defeated most of their serious rivals, as the competition also featured Ambassadors, Militaires, Jesters, and Flying Dutchmen.

The evening started with an exhibition by the Sarnia Lionettes, an all girls corps, and recent newcomer to the field of M&M. They came off the line with "Hi, Neighbor", and showed that they have that enthusiasm that will take them places. I particularly enjoyed their exit of "Just A Love Nest", and concert of "Someday My Prince Will Come". With a lot of work this winter, this corps could be a contender.

First competing corps off the line was the Jesters (listed as Jolly Jesters in the program). Niagara Militaires and Jesters might puzzle the uninitiated as far as names go, but I don't think they'd worry too long about it. If they did they'd miss a great show. Some of the Jesters' music was not familiar, but their execution was good. These boys are on their way UP.

Next came Guelph. Now we're all familiar with spinning cymbals, spinning rifles and spinning flags, but a spinning drum? Yes, Royalaires came off the line behind a spinning drum, and did the crowd ever go for it. For some unknown reason their music seemed off, this night, but their field-filling drill won the hearts of the crowd and in my opinion, to a greater extent, the judges. I did miss "Rock-A-Bye Baby" in their concert, though. How about putting it back, guys?

Third competing corps was the Ambassadors, a small corps, but one which, with a little work should be back to its former greatness. Right up to, and including concert, they looked great, but a couple of serious errors in the last half of their show spoiled the effect. The "Around The World" opening is good, but after hearing Garfield's "Intermission Riff", Ambassadors concert of it leaves something to be desired.

Next came Militaires, and for a lot of the spectators, this was the first time they had seen this corps. They were pleased. The purists among my friends can't stand them, but I personally like their show. They seem to have gotten most of the kinks out of their routine, and should be up for Waterloo...

Last competing corps off the line was the Flying Dutchmen from Ketchener. I feel their drill leaves something to be desired, but their selection of music is tops. It's all instantly recognizeable, but particularly good were the color presentation to "A Mighty Fortress", the solo horn in "I Could Have Danced All Nite" and the exit to "Aufwedersein".

De La Salle was the second exhibition corps of the evening, and put on a great show. This corps has, to my mind, the best opening and closing music of all. They came off the line with "Without A Song" and exit with a fanfare of "With A Song In My Heart". Their concert of "Body and Soul" really won the spectator's approval. Well done, Del!

The scores? Well let me just say this. I didn't feel Royalaires rated even close to an 85, but outside of that, it was a good show. It was almost spoiled by a very rude and inconsiderate policeman directing parking inside the gate, but outside of him, the citizens of Galt, were all warm and friendly.

Guelph Royalaires ............................ 86.3
Niagara Memorial Militaires ............. 81.15
Jesters (Toronto) .............................. 80.4
Marching Ambassadors(Toronto) ......77.25
Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Dutchmen 72.6

Conqueror had quite a bit of trouble at the Ontario Jr. "B" Championships.Not in winning, but in carrying away the trophies for Best Horn Line, Best Drum Line, Best Color Guard, Best Drum Major, Best M&M and of course, The Ontario Jr. "B" Championship Trophy. What a haul!What a corps! Hear Opti's taking on Sr. Corps now. And winning. Way to go, Green Machine. I'd like to see them forget about the Canadian Jr. Championshipand compete in the Sr. Division. That would be something.

Missed the Canadian National Exhibition Contest as I was on my way to the Dream, but I hear from Ex-Optimist Lee Klein that Opti scored 88.15. As stated previously, this is the best Jr. Corps anywhere. And for those of you who might think I'm prejudiced, I have always been a Del supporter, but when you see greatness, you've got to admire it. As for The Dream, I was not impressed with the Juniors, (who would be after Opti) but I did particularly enjoy Archie, the Yankee Rebels, and that ice cold beer.
See you at Waterloo and Varsity!

Cabs Stay Unbeaten At Waterbury

DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

WATERBURY, Conn., Aug. 18 - The undefeated Hawthorne Caballeros continued their winning ways here Saturday night, before some 9,000 joyous fans.

In second place, which has become a habit when these two corps meet, were the fabulous Conn. Hurricanes who are really striving for that big upset over the Nat'l Champions. The silverbrand-led Cabs put on a tremendous performance and scored 87.693.

The Hurricanes, who seem to thrive on stiff competition, came through with an excellent show and bouquets should go to both soloists, Art Hylwa and Tommy Brady, who rank with the best in the business. The Shelton Corps scored 85.826.

In third place were the popular Interstatesmen of Pittsfield, Mass. and Troy, N.Y. The I-Men presented a well-rounded show but were simply no match for the first two corps, who were "red hot".

Fourth place went to the Springfield Marksmen, who although big and powerful, are still lacking last year's polish. Their rendition of "I Believe" is still a masterpiece. They scored 80.67.

In fifth place were the crowd-pleasing Gay Blades of Newark, N.J. The new changes are evident in the show and as usual their twirling rifles wowed the crowd. They scored 78.833.

An exhibition was presented by the St. Ann's Loyalaires of Bridgeport. Much credit for tonight's great show must go to Olin Barry of the Waterbury Fire Dept., who was instrumental in setting up the entire affair.