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Drum Corps News May 22, 1963 issue

Milford Spartans Win Final N.H. Standstill

DCN May 22, 1963 issue

The Milford N.H. Spartans won the final N.H. All-American Circuit Standstill held in Derry on May 12. The Spartans are presently raising funds for a trip to the VFW Nationals next August. (Clark Photo)

(Article by T. L. Lorden)

DERRY, N.H., May 2 - The SPARTANS of Milford after losing the first two NHAA Circuit Standstills via penalties in timing, won the third and final one of the current series today. However, this was not accomplished without a determined effort by Portsmouth's GOLDEN EAGLES who finished just three tenths behind. Three points back in third place were the GRANITEERS who displayed all-new music, the most outstanding number being "Sound of Music".

A two-point penalty dropped the ANDREWS JETS of Maine to second in Class B and moved the Manchester MUCHACHOS (Boys' Club) into their first standstill victory. Third, in their debut, were the host SPACETOWN CADETS, just six months old. This unit shows much promise for the future, for they have come a long way in a short time. (The Cadets filled in when several units dropped out in the last few days prior to the event.)

Top bugling went to the Spartans with Rochester in second. The drumming trophy was awarded to Portsmouth as the Spartans, with one snare and one tenor missing, dropped to an unaccustomed second in this caption. Rocky Fournier of the Eagles was named best drum major.

Of considerable interest to area observers were the Muchachos' new uniforms. Literally "Hawthorne-in-miniature," these latest editions now rate among the most colorful in the circuit. Their new all-girl guard, under the guidance of former Spartan Doris Brown, made its first appearance with the unit.

Scores were:
Class A
1. Spartans .......... 88.1
2. Golden Eagles ..... 87.8
3. Roch. Graniteers .. 84.3
Class B
1. Muchachos ......... 74.3
2. Andrews Jets ...... 73.7
3. Spacetown Cadets .. 63.7

Judging was done by the N.H.-Conn. All-American judges. A 2-point penalty was levied on the Jets, and 4-points on Spacetown.

The circuit is now preparing for the summer M&M season. Several Maine and Massachusetts units will join the many New Hampshire corps to present some outstanding shows. A complete schedule and roster of units will be released in the next few weeks.

Milwaukee Chordaliers New Jr. Entry

DCN May 22, 1963 issue

The CHORDALIERS of Milwaukee, Wisc. are a new junior entry for the 1963 contest season. The corps was organized in 1960 as a parade corps using straight military bugles. Early in 1962, the management decided to make the change to an M&M unit. Used bugles were obtained from a disbanded unit and the corps proceded to learn a six-minute exhibition drill to perform at corps events. A girl color guard was organized.

Last winter the Chordaliers entered a compact corps and color guard in competition in southeastern Wisconsin.

The corps will feature a new uniform of their own design this season plus new drums. The field complement will include 18 bugles, nine drums and a color guard of twelve along with one drum major. Though the Chordaliers are registered as Class C, the unit has an 11-13 minute drill for all contests.

Field repertoire includes the following selections: "Legions of Caesar," "Wanting You," "One Flower," "Secret Love," "Frankie and Johnnie," "Flying Dutchmen," "Music Maestro, Please," "Jungle Drums," "Autumn Leaves," ans "Guadalcanal March."

The Chordaliers are a member of the Badgerland Association. Corps director is George Mann, Jr. The instructional staff includes: Louis Rugani, bugles; Bud Bakker, bugle sectional coach; Dennis Hagner, drums and color guard; and Jay Jespersen, drill. Drum Major is George Mann, III and Color Guard Sergeant is Marty Przybylski.

The corps is affiliated with Uptown Post 400 of the American Legion and the Theodore Wagner Post 572 of the CWV. Average age is 15 years.

A feeder corps was recently organized, the Chordaliers Cadets. Music director is Corky Gendrich. The Chordalier organization sponsors an annual compact corps contest, Chordalier Cadence.

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Appleknockers Man Versatile

Letter To The Editor
DCN May 22, 1963

To the Editor:
Nicholas D'Angelo, the new musical director of the Geneva Appleknockers is a man of many talents in the field of music.

Mr. D'Angelo, a professor of music and director of bands and orchestra at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, finds time in addition to his regular scholastic duties, to compose and conduct symphonies, direct barber shop quartets and other vocal groups, arrange music for leading dance bands and last, but by no means least, to direct the musical activities of the Appleknockers Drum and Bugle Corps. In addition to all this, Mr. D'Angelo has written a text book entitled "A Practical Approach to Harmonic Grammar".

Professor D'Angelo's educational background in music was received from the U. of Pennsylvania, Curtis Institute of Music, Ithaca College, Julliard School of Music and Eastman School of Music. He holds several degrees and is completing work toward his doctorate in music.

Before accepting the position as professor of music at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Mr. D'Angelo was composer, conductor, and arranger for several radio and TV network shows for the Unites States Air Force. He has been in his present post since 1955. During the course of his musical career, Mr. D'Angelo has written more than fifty compositions for orchestras, symphonic band and chamber ensemles.

Ray Treat, Sr.
Auburn, N.Y.