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Parade World
By Harvey Berish
DCN July 11, 1962

We in New York City were most interested to note the letter that appeared in last month's issue of the News from Commissioner Kaplan.... It is ironic that the week after his letter, (saying that New York realizes the valuable contribution of kids in Drum Corps, but cannot issue a proclamation to recognize it), a promotion for the movie the "MUSIC MAN" brought the Lockport High School Band from Illinois to the City.... here was a purely promotional stunt... and the mayor on the steps of city hall in welcoming the band said... "You are a credit to your community... We in New York salute your musical ability" ... Seems you have to be from out of town and brought in to make some money for other people (big timers) to get any pat on the back from our genuinely disinterested City Government. Here in New York, you have to twist arms to have a minor politician attend your affair, and I've never heard of our high and mighty mayor stepping down from his lofty heights to appear at any drum corps affair.... (wait 'til they want our complete cooperation for the World's Fair - gratis, of course, - then we'll see how nice they'll be to us.).

I've received a few copies of the Lake County Drum Corps Association newspaper, the FANFARE ... it is one of our finest Drum Corps publications - Ditto the TIGER RAG of the Lakewood Ambassadors of California .... congrats to Mrs. Peterson of FANFARE and Craig Mottaz of the TIGER RAG for fine contributions to Drum Corps in general.

Under the capable leadership of Frank Jenkins, the "Saints" emerged victorious over 16 junior corps and 4 senior corps at the Massapequa Elks Parade. Harry Hazelwood, Al Koch, and Don Quinn doing a great job with this top New York Parade Unit... they hope to cop the VFW State parade championship at the Binghamton convention this year. The Mother Cabrini High School Girls Drum Corps under the direction of William Spoerle, has been making many turnouts in our area and they are a nice sharp unit.

Just a note on the great job the FREEDOMLAND amusement park is doing for Drum Corps promotion in the Bronx.... every week-end they are featuring the appearance of one of this area's corps ... So far among the corps to have taken advantage of the holiday type of appearance have been the Sea Battalion MIDSHIPMEN - The Bethpage COLONIALS - the MAINLINERS - SKYLARKS - ISLANDERS - SHORELINERS of Neptune, N.J. - the NORTH HUDSON GIRLS - the WANDERERS - SAINT CLEMENTS - the LAWMEN of the 122nd P.A.L., and coming soon are the SPEARHEADS - the BRIDGEPORT PAL and possibly a dozen or so others.

Mr. Sid Ascher, one of the Public Relations men of the Park, and myself have had several meetings and a few visits to the park, to discuss the potential of having a drum corps standstill contest held there ... hope that it comes through some day in the future ... they are very interested. In case your corps wants to make the trip ... and you get a free day in the park for the corps after your appearance in the big parade ... just write to Sid and mention that you read it in this column in the News. He'll be most cooperative.

Here's some more on another of Staten Islands new corps ... this time we speak of the THUNDERBIRDS. This corps is less than a year old but already has been seen making remarkable strides in local parades. Instructed by Clarke Suthard on M&M, Tony Cataneo on Horns and Bert Irving on Drums (who, by the way, were members of the old Royal Blues, the last top-notch Island corps). The corps appears in black, red and white uniforms. Top day for the corps so far was their first place finish in their class at the June 2nd Park Department finals on the Island ... So look for another top-notch outfit soon to come out of little Richmond ... and thanks to Fred Schwef for the information. (Fred's the corps' capable director.)

Newest member of the Greater New York M&M Circuit is the RIPTIDES, under the direction of Ben Sudano. Thus far, the corps, which was organized in 1959, has been competing in Nassua Suffolk and NY State circuits, but now they've taken the big step to the M&M circuit. Presently, the corps features 27 horns, 9 drums, 2 majors, and a large 11 girl color guard.

With their entrance into the circuit, the member corps will be treated to a most unusual event .... the Greater New York Circuit will have one of their contests at the Kings Point Naval Academy, under the sponsorship of the "Riptides" on October 7th. Instructors for the RIPTIDES are Herb Weir (drums), Benny Sudano (horns) and Bill Raden (drill) ... and the RIPTIDES are the 1960 Suffolk American Legion Champs.

Photo feature this time is the fine and up-and-coming corps from Massachusetts, the SANCIANS of St. Francis Xavier Parish in South Weymouth.

Organized in 1959, by the Rev. Charles Duggan, the corps was rapidly expanded as part of the CYO project in their area. In 1961, the corps won 4 consecutive first places, the division CYO Championship, plus the coveted Class C Archdiocesan championship. (class C is parade corps competition or straight marching.) This season the corps is in Class B, which is a maneuvering class and they hope to do well.

Manning the helm as instructors are Buz Bergdoll of St. Kevin's on bugles, Russ Murphy on drums, and Tom Cullinane on M&M. Some of the SANCIANS exciting music includes "El Cid" - "Band of American March" - a concert of "Maria" and "Climb Every Mountain".

Gary Earl, my corps correspondent for the SANCIANS, and his pal Ed Sweeney, also write a column in the newspaper of the Boston area CYO ... and so here's another corps to keep your eye on from the Boston area.... from the photo I'd say they look like a real swinging crowd too.

Time to sign off now .... 'Til next Time "Drop a Line at Anytime" - Good luck, Cathay!

1962 Newark, NJ Woodsiders
DCN July 11, 1962

Royal Airs Win Second Straight At Park Ridge
By Jim Ward
DCN July 11, 1962

Park Ridge, Ill., June 16 - The Royal Airs won their second straight contest here today, defeating the Madison Scouts at a competition sponsored by the Cavaliers.

Madison won three captions, but dropped five points to the Big Blue in drums to lose the contest. The Scouts put on a tremendous show and received a standing ovation as they left the field after the decision had been strongly booed.

This booing seems rather ridiculous as the crowd did not know where the Scouts had lost the contest. If there is one caption in which the average fan is ignorant that caption is drums. Had the Scouts been only 1.5 behind the Royal Airs in drums, they still would have been defeated. Until one has examined the score sheets and the breakdowns, he should not be in too much of a hurry to condemn the judges.

It seems to me that the Royal Airs won the contest legitimately and were the undeserving recipients of some rather harsh treatment by the fans in the form of booing their win. Either the Royal Airs deserved the win or something is wrong with our judging system.

Norwood was back in drums also and lost to the Scouts in the other three captions, but came in a reasonably close third. The spread would have been much greater between the Imperials and Madison if it were not for the drum scores.

Skokie was much improved over a week earlier when they finished seven points behind Norwood.

The scores:
1. Royal Airs .................. 79.75
2. Scouts ....................... 76.00
3. Imperials .................. 72.60
4. Vanguards ................ 69.30
5. Cougars .................... 60.10
6. Scarlet Knights ......... 45.15

Brass and Percussion
By Bill Stalzer and John Bouteiller

DCN July 11, 1962

Sorry to miss the last issue, but it was "Just One Of Those Things". John has moved to Sacramento, California and in the not-too-distant future, the column will be known as "Brass and Percussion East and West". First, our apology to the "QUEENSMEN" from St. Albans, concerning the statement we made about the show at Troy, on March 31. It was a misunderstanding between the drum major and the chief judge. Once again, our apology to one of the best, the "QUEENSMEN".

An up and coming corps to keep your eye on is the SMITHTOWN, (L.I.) FREELANCERS. This year they will play an opening fanfare of "Gigi". Off the line with "Parisian", and right behind this are "Say It With Magic" (color presentation), "Jezebel", "C'est Magnifique", "Too Young", and exit with "One For My Baby". Their concert will be "You Are Beautiful" (Flower Drum Song) and "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore" (Gigi). Let's not forget the "WANDERER'S of New Rochelle will present their "Music Under the Stars" show on July 7th, at the New Rochelle high school field. It will be an All-American circuit contest, with the HAWTHORNE CABALLEROS, and the WANDERER'S in exhibition. Check the new retreat ceremony this circuit has. It's different, and we are sure you'll like it.

So far, on the answers we have received about our poll, the HAWTHORNE CABALLEROS have taken a comanding lead in the senior division. The junior division is a complete toss-up, with 4 or 5 corps already receiving first place votes. Let's hear from you out there. Who are your ten favorite senior and ten favorite junior corps? AUDUBON is improving all the time. Their 4th place finish at Hackensack had them extremely close to the "QUEENSMEN". There's no telling how far they will go.

The Preview of Champions is, without a doubt, one of the best contests in the nation. This year the HAWTHORNE CABALLEROS and the CAVALIERS from Chicago finished on top. The Canadian corps showed us lots of G.E., as usual, which the crowd went wild over. The "GREEN MACHINE" looks headed for another excellent season. Liked their "Riff Song", "One Flower", and "French Military Marching Song". You just can't beat that Sigmund Romberg music. St. Pat's, who takes the bows for this fine show, are much improved over last year. Their concert of "Moon River" rivals that of AUDUBON..... So long for now and don't forget to vote.
Bill Stalzer Ridgewood NY

Brigantine, N.J. Seahorse Lancers
Drum Corps News July 11, 1962 issue

Pennsgrove Blue Rocks Win South Jersey Opener
By Herb Easterly

DCN - July 11, 1962

Easton, Pa., June 16 - Under ideal conditions; a beautiful June night with a full moon and a beautifully lit stadium, the South Jersey corps held their first contest of the year. Palmer Chessmen played host to the other member corps in this first round of shows designed to pick the champion of the circuit. Two thousand spectators were treated to a delightful evening of color, music and pageantry of eight junior corps.

Holding down last place (5th) in the contest was the Brigantine "Sea Lancers". This was the first time they had ever been on the field as an M&M corps and I am sure it did them a world of good to see and compete with other corps of the same caliber. That is to say the Sea Lancers have the same opportunity as the other corps who started at one time as new corps with low scores and have improved over the years. Their 18 horns did a creditable job for a new corps. They exit with "I'll Be Seeing You" and I hope it proves to be prophetic because we will be looking forward to seeing them not only in this but in future years. Score, 45.676 - - P.S. I always enjoy seeing a brand new corps.

First place went to Pennsgrove "Blue Rocks", last year's champions. They showed on the field, championship form in music and M&M. Quite precise, and good show of M&M and music. Good arrangements - liked "Tonight We Love". The twist shook up the rather staid crowd - Score, 76.516.

Second place, Bordentown "Little Devils" - To me, their corps was the surprise of the evening with their improvement over last year. They make a slightly off beat appearance in that they have so many really small members and so many bigger boys. No in-between (from the stands). Sounded real good on "Take Me In Your Arms" and "Too Young". Score, 73.33.

Haddonfield "Royaleers" and Hammonton "Joeys" were a disappointment to me in 3rd and 4th place. Expected much more of them. Too much, I guess. Haddonfield with 48 horns had real good field coverage in their M&M. The Joey's sounded real great with "Song In My Heart" and "Autumn Leaves". Also had a real good M&M show. If they get rid of their "tics", they should go to the top. Haddonfield, 70.12 and Joey's, 65.216.

How do you report a non-competing competitor? That was the status of the "Mann Rangers" of Ridley Park. This corps just joined the circuit, 3 days before the contest, and because of regulations not yet complied with, were ineligible to compete for the championship of the circuit or to receive a trophy. This is a real good corps and will be an asset to the circuit. Although judged as any competing unit, they were not placed or announced at the show. Do a great job on Bill Bailey. They are the corps to make the most effective use of their flags and are really great to watch. Actually had a score of 71.51.

The host corps, Palmer "Chessmen" are the big question mark of the circuit now. They put in a fine exhibition, good M&M and music. It will be one more week before they compete against the other corps at Bordentown.

The "Silver Beavers" of Beaver Meadown, Pa. gave an exhibition. This corps was and still is a potential member of the circuit. It's too bad they are not already in. They give a good show - comparable to any other corps in the field.

Blue Rocks ....................... 76.516
Little Devils ....................... 73.33
Royaleers ......................... 70.12
Joey's ............................... 65.216
Sea Lancers ..................... 45.676
Mann Rangers* ................ 71.51
*Not eligible for circuit championship contest.

Presidential Report
By Jerry Cole
DCN July 11, 1962

The PRESIDENTS of Greenville, Tenn., will enter field competition on July 14th at Jacksonville, Fla.

The PRESIDENTS, this year, will field 27 horns, 9 drums and a color guard of 10 girls, and our returning major, Mr. Van Lindsey.

Keeping most of last year's music, to go with a new drill, we will play "The Theme from Samson and Delilah", "Battle Cry for Freedom", "The Little Bill Mambo", "Phantom Regiment", "Some of These Days", "Mambo Caribe", and close with "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor". Concert will be "Caribbean Fantasy".

The instructing staff this year consists of Mr. Jim Hope, Quartermaster; Mr. Hervie Hartman, Post Commander; Mr. John Van Tassell, Drill Instructor; and Jerry Cole, Director.

The Drum Major is Mr. Van Lindsey, and the Guard Sargent will be Miss Alice Walker.

We are looking forward to a very successful season with our eyes set on several Northern contests, as well as the V.F.W. Nationals in Minn.

On the human side, I find many of our boys sending and receiving mail from girls in corps all over the country. Sometimes I wonder if we're going to lose some of them from the ranks of the Bachelors -

We'll all be looking forward to seeing you all come National time.

Frederick C. "Cap" Slot, 72, Dies:
Was President Of Boys Of '76 Corps
DCN July 11, 1962 issue

Racine, Wisc., June 13 - Frederick C. (Cap) Slot, 72, President of the Boys of 76 Drum Corps, died today at Camp American Legion, Lake Tomahawk, Wisc.

Slot had just arrived with his wife to prepare the camp for summer Legion activities.

A World War I infantry veteran, Slot, a retired grover, was chairman of the Post 76, American Legion Trust Funds, a member of the Post's Board of Governors, Chairman of the Drum Corps Committee, a member of the State Legion Commander's Club and the State Legion Trophy and Awards Committee.

In 1950, he was awarded the William R. Wadewitz trophy by the Legion's "40 and 8" of Racine for his participation in Legion activities.

1962 Queen Village Queens
Drum Corps News July 11, 1962 issue