Monday, May 08, 2006

Rebs Shade Archie, Bucs

By Herb Easterly
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J., May 25 - Raiding north above the Mason-Dixon line, the Yankee Rebels beat off their northern rivals in a close contest held here tonight.

The first Senior Invitational contest to be held in Phillipsburg by the local P.B.A. proved to be a success. It was conducted on a trial basis in a non-drum corps atmosphere, but with a turnout of 3,500, the local committee announced that it will be an annual event.

Scores of the evening proved to be a big surprise, as only .38 point seperated the top three Corps:
1. Yankee Rebels .......... 83.11
2. Archer-Epler ........... 82.90
3. Buccaneers ............. 82.73
4. Appleknockers .......... 76.28
5. Les Troubadours ........ 68.68
6. Yellow Jackets ......... 66.98

The Rebels performed with little change from last year. Theit famous "Stripper" routine looked real sharp and sounded very good.

In second place, the Musketeers took off the line with their latest arrangement of "The Musketeers." By far, this is their most attention-getting arrangement yet. They start off very softly until they reach the middle of the field, then turn to the stands and 'blast.' Very effective.

The Bucs are fielding 77 men in new uniforms; they look and sound like champions. They were very impressive, and many fans were disappointed to see them finish in third place.

The Appleknockers had a good show both in M&M and music. The crowd really appreciated the solo work, which is among the best we have ever heard.

Les Troubadours and Bangor Yellow Jackets were somewhat out-classed. Both had good shows which should improve with practice and the acquisition of a little more 'flash.'

The Chessmen Jr. Corps of Easton, Pa., put on an exhibition which showed much improvement over last year and classed them as a real thread in the National Association round robin circuit.

After seeing the breakdown after the contest, one wonders 'why'? You can see a set pattern all through the sheets except for one judge on one corps. When a corps like Reading loses due to a caption rating lower than the lowest of any other corps in the contest, although rated tops by all the other judges, it is time that particular judge takes a good long look at himself.