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Assumptionettes Color Guard

June 5, 1963 issue DCN

Cavaliers Prep For June 15 Show

DCN June 5, 1963 issue

Boys Club Cavaliers of Pittsfield, Mass., are preparing for their 4th "Youth On Parade" competition to be held at Wahconah Park, at 8 o'clock. June 15th.

The Drum Corps that have already accepted to compete for prize money are the Boston Crusaders of Boston, Mass; Kingsmen - Bronx, NY; Magnificent Yankees - Utica, NY; Malden Cavaliers, Malden, Mass.; Monarchs, Pittsfield, Mass.; and St. Rocco's - Brooklyn, NY. This should be one of the finer competitions of the season.

The Boys Club Cavaliers will put on an exhibition of their fine new drill and music. The boys are great crowd pleasers with their wide-open, fast moving drill and the dancing, flag-swinging color guard. The Cavaliers present a beautiful color presentation to the music of "American's We."

Shirley E. Curry
Pittsfield, Mass.

*Preview Coverage*

Letters To The Editor
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

Dear Sir:
After witnessing the loving care that goes into the Preview of Champions for seven years, I was heartily disappointed in your April 10 issue of Drum Corps News. In your special anniversary pictorial section you failed to give the Preview the decent recognition it deserves. Even if you do not consider it the "Aristocrat of drum corps show," you must admit that it is as praiseworthy as some other matters to which you have coverage. In it's seven years, the Preview has presented shows equal to or better than some other contests held for at least thirty years. The placings of the junior corps in the 1962 Preview were identical with the 1962 junior VFW national results. I sincerely believe some of your reporters "miss the boat" when it comes to appreciating the true highlights of a drum corps season. It is my hope, that your newspaper become better acquainted with the ways and ideals of the Preview of Champions, and in that way be able to record a truly inspiring account of them in the pages of drum corps history.

Very truly yours,
Lucille Simone
St. Patrick's Cadets

(Ed note: We hope Miss Simone and you readers will be more than pleased with this year's coverage of the Preview.)

Penn-Jersey Observations (6-5-63)

DCN June 5, 1963 issue

*Boosts Paramounts*

Letters To The Editor
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

Dear Sir,
I've read a lot in your paper about the larger corps in Massachuestts and New York and I think that there are a lot of small corps that are doing just as well in their group and deserve a little write up too.

I belong to the Paramount Drum Corps of Worcester, Mass. We have gone quite a way in a year and are going even further this year. We've increased our drum line to 32, and our goal is still higher.

Last year at the Yankee Circuit Championship we placed fourth. This year we're trying for one of the top three.

We've practiced our drill all winter long. By the time our first competition rolls around we should be ready and raring to go and kick up some dirt.

For music our fanfare is "El Cid" then the "Roman March", "The Gillette Song"; the Color Presentation is "I Believe." Our concert is "I've Got Plenty of Nothing". Then we march into "Don't Blame Me", "Never On Sunday" and off the field with "You'll Never Walk Alone."

If you want to see a corps with a lot of spirit and push, watch for us, "The Blue and Gold". At our banquet, a guest speaker named us , "The Blue and Gold Roll On", and that's just what we're determined to do.

Amy Berthiaume


Letters To the Editor
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

To the Editor:
I've attended the Prince Drumfest for the past four years and after seeing this year's fiasco, I think it should be changed to the Prince DrumFARSE.

I think it is quite evident that for the past few years the Big-Power and Name corps have been leaning back on their reputations and what is worse, the judges allow this. I think it is about time that the Big Name reputation corps get the score they deserve. I think it is also time that the less popular and small name corps get the score they deserve.

I sincerely feel that the time has come for Kevin's, Garfield, and Revere to be knocked out of their "annual berths" and corps like Charlestown, Crusaders, and Warriors to win the contests that they so rightly deserve.

Bertram Gould
Hyde Park, Mass.

*Why The Boos?*

Letters To The Editor
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

To the Editor,
What is the Drum Corps World coming to when we have a situation like the one that took place at Carnegie Hall? The show was tops in my book until the Caballeros come on to the stage and then those boobs who take pride in being Met fans let out with a long and loud tirade that held up the start of the performance for at least 5 mins.

Why do fans boo a corps like the Cabs? Because they are consistent winners? How utterly foolish. If you can't field a corps to beat them why not sit it out and enjoy it? I can never for the world of me see the sense of booing any sport endeavor, especially when there is top performance involved. Even if I do not like the performers, somebody in the audience does, and they are entitled to enjoy the show. Some of the morons who boo are in second rate corps who couldn't put a finger on a first place even if they tried; others are the type who like to throw things on to the field or give vulgar signs. This sort of behavior is going to have an unfavorable affect on the Drum Corps World if it continues. Come out and beat the cabs with your drill and horn lines and drum lines, not your mouths.

Dick Gladhill
A fan of the Caballeros and Drum Corps in general