Saturday, April 02, 2011

Eric Perrilloux Legend!

Paying Homage!
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Look at some of his prodigies. How cool is that?!
Johnnie Oddo, Mark Holub, "Fast Frankie" Nash... etc... Countless others that didn't even make the picture.

God Bless him and a very Happy Birthday!!

According to my emails... there are many, many, many, folks that want to wish him well and good wishes and just plain.... too many thoughts and feelings and recognitions to mention!

Eric, please know that your numerous pupils... love and admire you!!

This little post doesn't even come close to paying you homage. You have been such a great mentor and inspiration to SO many!! Think about it... how many of your pupils have gone on to teach ?

Some have gone on to teach Championship Corps!
Don't you dare underestimate yourself. You are a Drum God!!
I can't thank you enough!!

Any one want to add on... please hit the comment section.

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