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Here's a Shout out to all past writers / photographers

I've received more than a few of your emails and I'm more than willing to play the middle man (so to speak) some of you have made mention of wanting to perhaps gather and have your own sort of reunion. If any of you are serious, I'll continue to play the middleman. Send me your email addys and perhaps your availability. And I'll do what I can to get you all together. Guaranteed a good time there!

And while I'm at it, let me thank you all for your time and effort throughout the years! Here we are decades later... sharing with the world.

It's really hard to keep up with all the emails I receive about my blog. I'm not a typist by any means. I just want to share all this great history with all... meaning: teaching the new / uninformed, reliving the past with all you veterans.... etc...

At any rate... if I can help in any way.... please email me and let me know. Thanx in advance!

Round & About The Midwest

By Patt Lindberg
DCN June 19, 1963 issue

The Midwest is not lacking in news ... only in someone taking the time to write it, and send it on ... so have decided to try my hand at it. I feel our corps are on an equal with those in the east and elsewhere, and should receive recognition for their efforts as well.

Corps such as the Cavaliers, Norwood Park Imperials, Madison Scouts, Black Knights, Royal Aires, Racine Scouts, Kilties and Vanguards, are rated highly on a National scale. This writer feels that a few more from the Midwest will be making their bid for national recognition, if not this season, next!

PHANTOM REGIMENT..............Rockford, Illinois
ST. MICHAEL'S CHI-ANGELS... Chicago, Illinois
THE VAQUEROS...........................Aurora, Illinois
ST. PAUL SCOUTS.......................St. Paul, Minnesota
CUSTERS BRIGADE.....................Lake County, Illinois
MARINERS....................................So. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In each ensuing column, I will feature one of these corps. Thus, when they make it toward the top, it won't come as such a "blow" to you all.

The contest season has gotten underway around these parts with the Royal Airs merging the victor.... by a very close margin. When the scores were announced, the difference between the Royal Airs and Cavaliers was a 2.11 pts. in favor of the "Big Blue". The record will show this 2.11 margin, but in reality there was a 2-point penalty for a flag violation which in the V.F.W. Contests, is not a flag violation, thus in reality leaving only a .11 difference. While checking the drum score, a tabulation error of 1/10 pt. was discovered.... leaving .01... HOW CLOSE CAN YOU GET????? I asked Mr. Don Warren why he was not protesting this 2 point penalty and .1 tabulation error?

To this he replied. "Why, we lost. Our policy has always been to accept the judges decision ... but we do wish it known, that in NO way do we blame the judging for this loss." He went on, "The drum section was the hardest hit, and this was due to 2 BASIC ERRORS on the part of this section. It was through the drum judge's helpful comments and harsh scoring that this was brought to our attention. It is now up to us to do what is necessary to overcome our errors. The drum section is working 3 and 4 nights a week, and we feel in a very short time this deficit will be eliminated. It is much better to lose drastically in one caption than to have a few errors in many captions. A situation like this becomes most difficult to overcome."

I personally don't know much about drumming, but I will say their rudimental bass drums are outstanding and quite effective.

At this contest we had the opportunity to preview many of the corps new music ... ROYAL AIRS, Truman Crawford's score is "Way Out!" Liked best their "Wabash Blues" and part of concert, "Small World" from Gypsy. The COUGARS "Amour" arranged by Rich Tarsitano is very good ... "Cockeyed Optimist" is the PHANTOM REGIMENT'S opener, and I'm not being "optimistic" when I say this should become one of their best! ... and then there's the CAVALIERS new opener, "Bully" .... This is a real piece of music ... don't take my word for it ... listen ... I mean REALLY listen to it ... That's Music, Man!!!!!!

Many corps are eliminating the "gals" in the corps ... The IMPERIALS and COUGARS are now being led onto the field by 2 boy drum majors, and the PHANTOM REGIMENT are going with an all-boy guard ... but the ROYAL AIRS give you a choice ... Judy Naples, their pert drum major, has been joined this year by Ron Laskowski.

Up Wisconsin way, the MADISON SCOUTS are making ready for their big 25th Anniversary celebration on July 13th ... on hand for the festivities will be many of the corps alumni from varied distant points of the globe. Also joining in will be that other corps who is making it a full 25 years, SCOUT HOUSE from Preston, Ontario.

International competition seems to be the thing in the Midwest this year.... what with the CAVALIERS journeying to Toronto on June 8th to take part in the Jr. Invitational Contest ... and in Plymouth, Wisc., June 15th, the FLYING DUTCHMEN (Waterloo-Kitchener Ont. Srs) are adding their presence to the program ... June 30th, the Toronto OPTIMIST corps will meet the best the MIDWEST has to offer in Mandelein, Ill .... and of course, we've mentioned the SCOUT HOUSE trip to Madison; Preston also will take part in a contest in Kenosha, Wisc., on the 14th. Two weeks later, the new threat to the Class A Jrs. in Canada, THE CONQUEROR, are set to take part in the V.J. Day Show in Woodstock, Ill. and possibly the day before in South Milwaukee.

The senior picture in the Midwest has really improved this year. I look for the big three to be; WINFIELD SCOTT REBELS, BOYS OF '76, and a big surprise.... the KINGSMEN from Kenosha, Wisc. ... but then you can never count out the SKOKIE INDIANS .... and also the other IINDIANS from the "land of sky blue waters" ... the HAMM'S INDIANS. They had a lot on the ball last year.

I think that's enough for a "first" column ... so until next time, remember .... The only certainty is that nothing is certain .... particularly in "Drum Corps" !!!!!!!!

By Patt Lindberg
803 S. See-Gwun
Mt. Prospect, Ill.

Cavaliers, Targets Win Competition At Pittsfield

DCN June 19, 1963 issue

PITTSFIELD, MASS., June 1 - The Skyhawks Junior Drum and Bugle Corps of this city tonight sponsored their first Yankee Circuit Contest, "Off The Line '63."

The Pittsfield Boys' Club Cavaliers walked off with first place in Class A, while nearby Springfield's Targets were victors in Class B.

The scores and Corps:
Class A:
1. Cavaliers ........... 87.38
2. Peabody Musketeers .. 86.43
3. Charter Oak Sabres .. 77.90

Class B:
1. Targets ......... 80.03
2. Graniteers ...... 79.06
3. Conquerors ...... 65.12
4. Bonnies ......... 53.23

The audience was also treated to exhibitions by the Interstatesmen and the host Skyhawks, who are now in their second year of competition in Class B.

St. Raphael's Tops Field At 'March-Time'

DCN June 19, 1963 issue

BRONX, N.Y., June 9 - Gaelic Park was the scene here today of the Bronx KINGSMEN'S Metropolitan March Time, which featured competing Corps of the Greater N.Y. Circuit as well as several all-star exhibitions. First place in the competition was taken by St. Raphael's GOLDEN BUCCANEERS of Bridgeport, Conn. with a score of 80.45.

Five thousand spectators enjoyed the Corps' performances, which resulted in the following scores:
1. Buccaneers ........................ 80.45
2. Dumont Pol. Cadets ......... 77.416
3. Jersey Cyclones ............... 72.16
4. OLPH Ridgemen .............. 71.6
5. Staten Is. Lawmen ........... 68.916

Exhibitions were presented by the famous Skyliners, the National Assn. Champion Ridley Park Rangers, the Paulettes of Manhattan, and the host Corps, the Kingsmen.
(Scores courtesy of H. Berish)