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Cavalcade of Champions (program)

Fusiliers (CoC program)

The New York State "FUSILIERS" Senior Drum Corps was organized in March 1959 composed of a few experienced members but mostly new untrained membership. This corps through intelligent leadership rose very quickly. The "FUSILIERS" fielded a marching and maneuvering unit within one year of its inception.

Six months after organizing they held one of the largest drum corps contests in the East, called the "Cavalcade of Champions". They are under the direction of Adolph "Rudy" Caprifolio. Mr. Caprifolio was the director of the former Garbarina "Skyliners" during the years 1946-1952. Under his direction they won and held the American Legion National title for two consecutive years and won 38 out of 41 contests.

The "FUSILIERS" are under the instruction of Paul Vogt, drums; Robert Lewis and William Lutz, marching and maneuvering; Henry Carr and Edward Cozzolino, music; Their drum major Francis "Buddy" Tretola and the color guard captain is Donald Geroux. This corps has already been seen on the competition field and have made a surprising impression. They have traveled many thousands of miles for exhibitions and competitions. Generally thought of as a fast moving and up and coming new corps, the "FUSILIERS" hope to attain the highest possible achievement and reputation in the drum corps world.

Monarchs (CoC program)

The Monarchs Junior Drum Corps of Pittsfield, Mass. one of the newer, up and coming Corps in the New England Area, was organized in 1958 by a group of interested parents. It is a self-supporting, independent group.

Primarily a parade Corps in 1958, 1959, and 1960, the Corps entered marching and maneuvering competition for the first time in 1961. Starting with 20-30 members in 1958, the Corps fielded 54 members in 1961. One of the highlights of the '61 season was an exhibition by the Corps at the "Mardi Gras of Champions" senior contest sponsored by the Interstatesmen. Climaxing a most successful season was a close second place finish in the circuit championship contest with six competing Corps.

The 1962 edition of the Monarchs, representing Post 68, American Legion of Pittsfield, will field a competing Corps consisting of 33 horns and 9 drums under the capable direction of Drum Majors Judy Dion and Dick Ward. The Corps also features an outstanding 17 girl Color Guard commanded by Captains Eline Faucher and Diane Laurin. Musical selections include such popular numbers as "Everything's Coming Up Roses", "My Romance", and "Somebody Stole My Gal".

Corps instructors are: Horns - Ronald "Rock" Ghetti, Drums - Art Nelson, Drill - Conrad Keado. Corps Officials are : Mgr. - R.D. Shirlay, Director - Angelo Avanzato, Asst. Director - William Dunn, Treasurer - Lou D'Ascanio, and Quartermasters John Raymond and Ray Wells.

Marksmen (CoC program)

Organized in 1957 with a 43 man Corps, the "MARKSMEN" of Springfield, Massachusetts have continuously grown in ranks, and made rapid advancements within the Drum Corps World. During the past two seasons, they have increased to a 70 man Corps, using a 17 man Color-Guard, carrying 14 beautiful flags, one of the largest Guards in the country. This fine organization is a self-supporting, non-profit Corps, with its members coming from Springfield and Western Mass. area and also from the entire Connecticut Valley.

Since their entry into the marching and maneuvering field, the "MARKSMEN" have steadily improved and grown to be one of the top-notch contenders within the Northeastern Circuit, winning the 1961 Northeastern Circuit Championship along with their Color Guard and Major. They also came in second at the V.F.W. Nationals held in Miami Beach during the 1961 season.

The Corps proudly carries the three religious flags of our great country, the Papal, Christian and Jewish, and reverently dedicate this part of their show, to the memory of the four Chaplains who lost their lives at sea, during World War II, abord the USS Dorchester, so that others might live and continue to compete on the contest fields, throughout this great country of ours, the United States of America. The patron for the "MARKSMEN" is SAINT JUDE THADDEUS.

The Corps again this year, is planning to attend the V.F.W. Nationals, to be held in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and are working hard toward this goal.

Their 1962 show, is once again called, "STERO-IN-MOTION", featuring their off-the-line, written especially for them by Allan "Bid" Viera, of the U.S. Army, and is called, "THE MARKSMEN'S March In Stero". Their Color-Pre, is made up of the "Lord's Prayer" and "I Believe" written and arranged for the Corps by Dominick Del-Rea of Interstatesmen fame.

Instructors for this 1962 season are:
Music, Hy Dreitzer, of Long Island, New York and Darcy Davis, of Agawan, Massachusetts.
Drums, Earl S. Strutze, of New Haven, Connecticut
Drill, Vinnie Ratford, of Rochester, New York
Color Captain, Douglas White
Drum-Major, Hugh "Sweeney" Mackay
Field-Marshall, Romeo L. Malo
General Manager, Mr. Victor W. White

Buccaneers (CoC program)

The Greater Reading BUCCANEERS Senior Drum and Bugle Corps, affiliated with the Greater Reading V.F.W. Post 179, Reading, Pennsylvania, was first formed in August 1957. Because of its late seasonal start, the BUCCANEERS had to be content to be a parade corps. In 1958, its first season of field competition, the corps was runner-up in the V.F.W. state championship contest. This indicated big things in the future for them.

These big things were realized in 1960, just three seasons later, when they won the V.F.W. National Championship in competition in Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. In August 1961 the BUCCANEERS successfylly defended that championship title in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. This is an honorable achievement of which the BUCS are justly proud. They have ascended the drum corps world's ladder of fame and championship faster than any other coprs in history. In these few years they have sprung from obscurity to a point where they are serious contenders for top honors whereever they appear.

The corps is composed of a horn line of 42, a drum section of 12, and a color guard of 18. They wear a brilliant blue satin and black with silver trim buccaneer-type-tunic uniform. An 18" white Ostrich plume helps accentuate the black-flat-crowned hat. The horns are Getzen twin-piston horns. To our knowledge, this is the only corps in major competition with this type of horn.

The management of the corps is under the capable hands of their Executive Committee: Randy R. Roy, Business Manager; Bud Shenk, President; Joe Jasinski, Treasurer; and Bruce Englehart, Vice-President. The instructional staff is well-manned by Frank Ferraro, horns; John Flowers, percussion; and William "Rip" Bernert, drill. The drum major is Frank Ferraro; his assistant is Richard Neiman. The color guard captain and sergeant are Laverne Rohrbach and "Porky" Hoffman, respectfully.

Interstatesmen (CoC program)

Under the joint sponsorship of the Charles J. Brady Post 235, Waterford, New York, and the Berkshire County American Legion, the INTERSTATESMEN is comprised of a membership from within a 150 mile radius of Albany, New York.

The program blends intricate drill patterns with contrasting musical scores, resulting in a presentation most pleasing to drum corps audiences and illustrating the high degree of "execution" which has placed the INTERSTATESMEN in the foremost rank of senior corps.

Off the line with "Road Show" finds the INTERSTATESMEN criss-crossing to the strains of "Baia" going then into a colorful flag drill accompanied by "Malaguena" which in turn is followed by a concert of "St. Louis Blues Mambo" and "Tropical Heat Wave". "It's Allright With Me" precedes the colorful flag presentation which features the dynamic march of "On The Mall". The pulsating rendition of "Who's Sorry Now?" is followed by the most appropriate exit number of "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" all of which make this a memorable drum corps presentation.

Featured soloists are Ronald Ghette and Frank Liberty.

Among titles the corps has won are: 1960 Mass. Senior Legion Champions, 1960 Connecticut Senior Open Legion Champions, 1960-62 Massachusetts Firemans Association Champions, 1962 Copper City Champions, 1962 Tournament of Drums Champions, 1962 Northeastern States Open Champions.

In addition to these and other titles the corps holds, the INTERSTATESMEN have the distinction of having been the first senior drum and bugle corps to perform in New York's famed Carnegie Hall.

Instructors and Officials for the Corps are: Marching and Maneuvering - William (Wild Bill) Hooton; Music arranger and instructor - Dom DelRay; Drums - Sgt. John S. Pratt; Drum Major - Alan Smyth; Color Guard Captain - Phil Carpenter; Corps Chairman - Attorney Robert I. Manuel; Corps Director - Walter Wood.

Fitchburg Kingsmen (CoC program)

The "KINGSMEN" were organized in the year 1950 as an independent, self-supporting unit. Members themselves contributed equal amounts of money for uniforms and instruments. Since then, the corps has made rapid strides both in size and stature throughout the East.

Throughout the years the "KINGSMEN" added many titles and trophies to their winnings, the least of which include many V.F.W. and A.L. State Champion titles, and in 1955 the corps completed it's most succcessful season by copping the National V.F.W. Open Class Championship Title.

In the past 12 years the "KINGSMEN" have tried never to put an inferior corps in the field, and in 1961 the corps voted to become inactive for the period of one year in order to build a corps even superior to the corps it had been presenting.

Officers and Instructors are: Commander - Donald Chalifoux; Vice Commander - Roger LeBlanc; Secretary - Jack Walsh; Business Manager - Emile LeBlanc; Treasurer - Francis DeLisle; Bugle Instructor - Sal Viggiano; Drum Instructor - Donald Chalifoux; Drill Instructor - Robert Harrington.

Grey Knights (CoC program)

The Grey Knights Drum and Bugle Corps from Rochester, New York, is sponsored by its own American Legion Post, The Grey Knights Post No. 952. The corps is affectionately known as "Rochester's Own" and proudly carries the official city flag in its color guard.

The 1961 season marks the 14th competitive year for the Grey Knights. In the thousands of miles the corps has traveled to date, it has appeared in Penn., Mass., New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois and Canada. The Knights have competed in 3 of the last 4 National American Legions' "Parade of Champions", placing 6th in the 1959 Nationals held in Minneapolis. The Grey Knights currently hold the Championship of the New York-Canadian Association. This Association is comprised of some 42 Corps from Penn., Michigan, and Canada. On the evening of August 12th, the Association will hold its 4th Annual Championship Contest in Rochester and The Knights will be battling to defend their title against the best.

This year the Grey Knights are presenting a New Look. In addition to the colorful new blouses and shakos, they are presenting an entirely new drill, designed and taught by "Mr. Drum Corps", Vinnie Ratford. A highlight of the drill is the Knights "Trade Mark", their color presentation depicting the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima. Not to be outdone, several new musical scores arranged by Sal Sparrazza have been added to the repertoire. This includes such numbers as, Clyde McCoy's "Sugar Blues", "Exodus", and for their concert, the semi-classic jass tune, "Rachmaninoff Rock".

The Officers and Instructors are:
Corps Captain & Drum Major -- John Concannon
Corps Lieut. ------------------- Ronnie Ackerman
Color Guard Sgt. -------------- "Lefty" Atkinson
Business Managers ----------- Fran Pratt and Harvey Martin
Drill Arranger & Instructor ---- Vinnie Ratford
Bugle Arranger & Instructor -- Sal Sparrazza
Drum Arranger & Instructor -- Richard Scutter and John Pratt (from West Point)

Skyliners (CoC program)

"The Skyliners" Senior Drum and Bugle Corps is sponsored by the Frank A. Revia Post American Legion of Yonkers, New York. This is their third year of competition following a major reorganization prior to the 1958 season. For the twelve preceding years the corps represented the Garbarina-Mazarakos Memorial Post of the American Legion.

The contest routine of the Skyliners is based on a "Big City" theme and is built around such outstanding popular selections as Show Time On Broadway, Lulaby of Birdland and Harlem Nocturne. The Skyliners take pride in their intricate musical arrangements they present to the spectators, songs with an original sound and a truly harmonious blend, with all instruments used to fullest advantage. The drill features, varied and interesting movements, are both eye-catching and synchronized with the music to present a smooth, well-rounded show.

The Skyliners' uniforms of red and black, with accessories of chrome and white, carry on a tradition of twenty years standing, dating back to the pre-World War II junior corps that was the predecessors of the Skyliners. The membership of the corps is drawn from all parts of the Greater New York City metropolitain area.

Corps director of the Skyliners is George Rodriguez, and the Business Manager is Henry Mayer. The musical director is Hy Dreitzer. Drum Instructor is Eric Perrilloux. The Drillmaster is Charles R. Nabor, with Drill Instructor Ralph Shur. The Skyliners' Drum Major is Walter Winkleman, with Bob Holton as Color Guard Captain.

Norman Princemen (CoC program)

Lieut. Norman Prince Drum and Bugle Corps
Boston, Massachusetts

In January 1915 Norman Prince, son of a Boston financier, was an American Volunteer in the French Army to serve until the end of World War I. He was assigned to the Military Aviation and served with high honors.

He was one of the founders of the Escadrille Americaine, later to be known as the Lafayette Flying Squadron. When the United States entered the War in 1917, his squadron carried the first American flag that appeared on any battlefield in World War I.

Lieut. Norman Prince served with great honor and was decorated by the French Government with Croix de Guerre, the Medaille Militaire and the Croix de la Legion d'Honneur.

On October 12, 1916 Lieut. Prince and other members of his squadron were assigned to convoy a French bombarding fleet in an aerial raid on Oberndorf, a German arms and munition center located in Vosges near the Plains of Alsace. He was on his way back from this raid when his plane struck an aerial cable in the darkness while he was endeavoring to land. Lieut. Norman Prince was badly injured and on Sunday morning, October 15, 1916, he died.

When the Lieut. Norman Prince Post No. 1506 was founded, the Republic of France, through the French Consul in Boston, presented the Post with the tri-colors of France in honor of the memory of Lieut. Norman Prince.

This flag has been carried with permission by the Lieut. Norman Prince Drum and Bugle Corps since its inception in 1946. On Flag Day, June 14, the Consul General of France, Major Charles dePampelone, presented a new French flag to the Lieut. Norman Prince Post, and this will be carried in all parades and contests by the "Princemen" throughout the U.S.A.

****(In the program, scheduled to appear... but, didn't field)

Cavalcade of Champions Scores (program)

Skyliners ................ 88.376
Yonkers, NY
Buccaneers ............. 86.81
Reading, Pa.
Marksmen ............. 83.703
Springfield, Mass
Interstatesmen ..... 83.606
Mass. & NY
Grey Knights ......... 82.04
Rochester, NY
Kingsmen ............... 76.123
Fitchburg, Mass.

Color Guard - Skyliners
Drum Major - Buccaneers

Exhibition - Monarchs Junior Corps Pittsfield, Mass.