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Les Diplomates

DCN June 12, 1963 issue

Preview Of Champions trophy

DCN June 12, 1963 issue

Hub Crusaders Topple Kevin's

DCN June 12, 1963 issue

WILMINGTON, MASS., June 2 - It was bound to happen sooner or later, and tonight was the night. The ST. KEVIN'S EMERALD KNIGHTS were toppled from their eastern Massachusetts throne by a very determined effort of the fast-rising BOSTON CRUSADERS at the first annual Crusade of Drums held here tonight. The contest featured the "cream" of Boston area Class A Corps. Scores: Crusaders, 80.85; St. Kevin's, 80.1

Third place went to the maroon, white and gold of St. Mary's Cardinals of Beverly, Mass., who scored 76.05. Other competing Corps included the popular I.C. Reveries of Revere, Mass., the colorful Pittsfield Boy's Club Cavaliers, and the Braintree Warriors of Braintree, Mass.

Best Drum Major of the evening was Miss Elinor McCarthy of the Reveries, who never fails to please with her inimitable style and "Bill Bailey" routine. A prize for high drum score was awarded to the Boston Crusaders, who totaled 16.3 in this caption, while St. Kevin's took home the high bugle score trophy with a score of 16.0.

On exhibition for the third time this season were the Lt. Norman Prince Princemen. They provided a fitting climax to the contest with their powerful horn line and Paul Palange-engineered drill. The Princemen's first field contest will be June 8 in New Haven, Conn., at the show sponsored by the Hurricanes.

The Crusade of Drums was the effort of the newly organized Wilmington Youth Crusaders, who ran it to raise funds to purchase equipment for their Corps. Contest Chairman was Mike Cahill.

Cavies Bow To Royal Airs

By Danny Litwhiler and Gene Monterastelli
DCN June 12, 1963 issue

KANKAKEE, ILL., May 25 - The CAVALIERS of Chicago accepted one of their most heart-breaking defeats in many a year at the hands of their fast-rising crosstown rivals, the Chicago ROYALAIRES, in the initial field meeting of these two Corps here tonight.

The margin of victory for the Royal Airs proved to be drums as they defeated the Cavies by nearly four points in this caption. The Cavies took top bugles and M&M, with a 1.4 and 1.7 respectively over the Royal Aires, but never had they been so outclassed by another drum line. Truly the Royal Aires possess one of the most faultless drum lines the Midwest has yet produced.

Finishing in the number three spot was the much improved Phantom Regiment. Though they were seven points behind the first two corps, they served notice that they can and will cause the top corps trouble in the future.

Rounding out the competition were the Cougars, Chi-Angels, and Marquette Crusaders. The deciding factor in these corps' placings was also the drum scores.

Putting on an exhibition to close out the show were the Winfield Scot Rebels.

1. Royal Airs .................. 76.76
2. Cavaliers ................... 74.66
3. Phantom Regiment ... 67.60
4. Cougars .................... 60.33
5. Chi-Angels ................ 54.48
6. Crusaders ................. 52.85