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DCN Handbook Ad 5-22-63

Katahdin Rangers

Drum Corps News May 22, 1963 issue

Katahdin Rangers of Millinocket, Maine. Organized in 1959, the Rangers will compete in the Northern New England Circuit with 24 bugles, 10 in the percussion section, and a newly-organized 13 member Color Guard. William Milliken is Corps Manager and Senior Director and Paul "Skip" Leet is Junior Director. The Color Guard is captained by Miss Jean Simon and Music is arranged and directed by Mr. Jerome Gonya.

California Drumbeat 5-22-63

By Mel Lee and Joe O'Day
Drum Corps News

A giant step is being taken by this column to provide DCN readers with first-hand statewide coverage. California Drumbeat would like to announce the addition of Joe O'Day, well-known Drum Corps personality in the Los Angeles area, to this column. Together Joe and I hope to keep DCN readers throughout the Golden State, as well as throughout the nation, up to date on Corps activities.

California is off and running to another season of drum corps activities, with standstills being held in both cradles of drum corps doings in California.

Dodgerland held the first standstill of the year on March 31, sponsored by the IMPERIALS, Legion State Champions. The all-girl Senoritas of San Gabriel took first place with a score of 89.9. With outstanding performances in both the bugle and drum sections, the Senoritas pulled an upset in defeating the COMMODORE PERRY SCOUTS, defending State Legion Champions. The Scouts and Senoritas are THE corps in Smogland to meet and beat.

Tied for third place were the MONTEREY PARK GIRLS and the MARYKNOLL GIRLS with a score of 85.2. It is still early in the season, but Maryknoll is making a great comeback after a year's layoff.

In 4th place were the ANAHEIM SCOUTS and the LOS ANGELES CHINESE. Sporting a new look and very good drum line, the Scouts surprised many and scored 84.8. The L.A. Chinese are also making a comeback after a year in the bull-pen. Corps Director, Phil Kwan, is shaping up the corps and getting it ready for the coming season. In 5th place was a brand new corps from SAN DIEGO. A gallant effort by these guys earned them a score of 84.0, upsetting two more experienced Corps.

Tied for 6th place were the FONTANA LANCERS and the LAKEWOOD AMBASSADORS. Both corps scored 83.49, showing that each have great potentials that will develop before long. Lots of time before state, and this period should tell their story.

The host corps, the IMPERIALS, put on an exhibition. Bill Lee and company should have this corps in top shape come Legion time. The contra-bass, the controversial and much-heard-of instrument, made its California preview during this performance.

In Giantland, the Golden State Circuit, in conjunction with the All-American Judges' Association, held the first standstill of the year in Northern California on April 21. It has already been reported in an earlier edition of D.C.N.

Very impressive shows in both parts of California - The season is now officially opened.
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