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Parade World (6-5-63)

By Harvey Berish
DCN June 5, 1963 issue

With this issue we start our weekly publication of the News and of course this will mean many extra columns to be filled through the summer months... so instead of signing off with the usual slogan I thought we'd issue it here and thus stress the sincerity of the offer... so why not sit down and.... "Drop a line -- anytime" about your corps... your friends and your achievements... all news is welcomed by all of our columnists, so here's your chance to get your Corps name out front.

The Carnegie Hall show was spectacular and I want to thank the Paulettes of Manhattan's St. Paul the Apostle Church for allowing me to bring the Loris Lions Band to their hall to practice on Friday... they enjoyed performing for you and look forward to meeting some of you girls when they again come North.

I understand that 10 parade units in the greater Danbury Connecticut area have formed an association for corps betterment... this is certainly welcome news and I'd like to get the associations address, so any one in that area who knows any one involved, please drop a line so we can get in touch with you.

The PAULETTES Girls' Drum Corps of Manhattan have stunning new uniforms and they are working hard.... however they are still making appearances with their glockenspiels. I understand they won't make the bugle scene until they feel ready to put on a good presentation...

The MIDSHIPMEN Drum & Bugle Corps of the Sea Battalions organization has become the second corps in Bronx History to sponsor an M&M show... It will be held June 30th at Mt. Vernon Memorial Field on Sanford Ave. in Mt. Vernon... this show will be the kickoff show for the New LIBERTY Drum Corps Circuit we helped start.... hope you'll make it up there to cheer these new corps on... especially you folks involved in the Garden State Corps... Seems I recall the same situation about a year ago with you folks and I'm sure you want to throw your weight behind this new effort to promote corps in our area. The show is "Music In The Air" at 2 p.m. on Sunday the 30th. See you there.

Peter Arevalo is one of GARFIELD'S new saber weilders, so don't you folks go writing in to the News criticizing his column. I'd hate to go to a contest and see punctured readers....

Rosemary Feliney, Ace girl reporter for this journal, is doing a top-notch job out on the Long Island area... all you corpsnicks out there can feel priveledged that such a sweet and top notch young reporter is covering your area... make sure you keep her busy too... cause that's the way we News people like it.

First feature for this issue is a well known mid-Western unit. We journey to Berwyn, Illinois, for a feature on the BLUE KNIGHTS of that fine town. The corps is sponsored by the Berwyn Post #422 of the American Legion and was formed some 30 years ago as an S.A.L. unit. The uniforms in the photo were purchased in 1957 and are real sharp looking.

The Blue Knights are under the management of William J. Cling, who is ably assisted by Wilbur Schuk and Henry Vysinka. The Corps instructional team includes Dick Snyder on horns, assisted by Joe Courtney and Jay Sedivy; John Bardos, Phil Russ and Jim Courtney on Drums, and Gerald Gearon on Drill. The Blue Knights have a real nice booster item in a blue button, so all you button fans can get one for only 25ยข from Les Dlabay at 6419 West 41st Street, Berwyn, Illinois.

The St. Mary NAUTICALS of the Bronx, New York are rapidly becoming one of this areas better sounding Jr. Corps - Sal Iarapolo (and I hope I am the first to get it spelled right) is responsible for their fine sound with Jim McDonough doing the corps percussion work.

Frank McCluskey of the KINGSMEN staff was just chosen as the President of the Metropolitan Color Guard Circuit... This quiet, unassuming, and shy person has always been working hard behind the scenes on a million projects for the betterment of corps... and I think it's about time we gave Frank a verbal salute for the great things he's doing.

Second feature this time is well known throughout the North East and most recently extended their fame to the South with an appearance at the Orange Bowl in Miami... I speak of the Neptune New Jersey SHORELINERS, who have one of the nicest sounding Jr. Corps in Jersey.

Bucking stiff competition weekly, this corps climbs and climbs and I'm sure they'll soon be up among the big boys. Bud Cagle is Corps director and the Corps is instructed by the Hawthorne Caballeros pros... so that will give you an idea of how they intend to climb fast. Mrs. Cagle or "Katy" is doing a great job with the ladies, and Jim Sullivan gets my salute as one of the most dynamic business managers around... through his efforts the corps is going to make some pretty great performances around the country soon. So keep an eye out for the SHORELINERS... you'll get a musical high flying kick out of them.

Barbara Toomey, my Bridgeport, Connecticut informant still is sending me the Sound Off Column reliably and I see that the PAL CADETS are finished with their drill and all set for an exhibition in the New York Area.

Charles Eastland of Oregon sent me another copy of the "Mariners Log", the North Wests only Corps Paper. I'm amazed at the tremendous amount of activity the folks in Oregon and Washington are engaged in... John Broderick seems to be well liked out there too. I'd love to do a feature on some of the corps out there including the KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Girls of Rosenburg, Oregon.

The PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS, GIRLS Drum Corps is supposed to be on the road to recovery and I heard from a southern friend of mine that they may be traveling north for a show or two...

ST. MARY'S CADETS of Woodside Queens, are taking trophies all over the place and Jim Shea of the REGIMENTALS is their Drum Man... Jim Martin is over-all music person. They are set to appear at the Eintracht Oval show run by the ST. JOSEPH'S Corps on June 7th...

ST. HELENA'S CADETS are preparing for their annual review and awards presentation which will be held again on their school field on Westchester Avenue in the Bronx... No date known yet, But if there is time I will certainly let you know about it... It has become one of this area's colorful early evening events which features all three of the Parish Corps. Clare Frey is the Sr. Cadet Drum Major and adds a real touch of flash to the unit.

Will sign off with the hope that you'll all make it to the Manhattan dream on June 29th.... the first double-header in New York this year will feature corps of the Garden State and Greater New York Circuits in a show sponsored by the Privateers at Gaelic Park, 240th St. & Broadway in the Bronx.

Once again a special invite for you to "Drop a line - anytime"