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Scores - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

Competition (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

Magnificent Yankees - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

The Magnificent Yankees, Utica Post 229 Boys Drum Corps, enter their second year of field competition with a sparkling new show. Organized nearly 25 years ago, the corps has long been a favorite at parades throughout central New York. Last year, under the sponsorship of Post No. 229, the American Legion, the Yankees participated in several contests in New York and New England as members of the Hudson-Berkshire Junior Circuit.

On the field they are under the direction of their talented Drum Major Dick Robilloto. The very pleasing musical arrangements are the work of Mr. Joe Buncie with drums arranged and instructed by Mr. Joe Wormworth. The wide-open drill is the product of Mr. William "Bud" Floyd who also is the corps Director. Business Manager is Mr. Mike Dimeo and Quartermaster is Mr. Joe Malachino. Post Chairman is Mr. Joe Berthold. The corps is fortunate in having a fine staff of parents and post members. The huge color guard is commanded by John Galle, who is also the Corps Captain; and is instructed by Mr. Bob Morey and Mr. Floyd.

Sentinels - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

Black Knights - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

Organized in 1959 this Southwestern New York State Senior Drum and Bugle Corps represents the Salamanca Elks Lodge No.1025 of Salamanca, New York. The Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps has grown measurably showing the drum corps world of their constant spirit, determination, and sportsmanship; components which comprise a good corps.

This year's corps consists of 65 competing members. The new intricate and fast moving drill combined with their fine selection of new music will present a new concept of general effect showmanship. The enlarged color guard also performs an unusual drill maneuvering with smoothness and precision.

Corps officers are as follows: music arranger and instructor is Richard Peebles, drum instructor is Jack Jackino, and the corps coordinator and drill instructor is Victor Jonus. Soloist is Richard Oliverio, drum major is James Eck, color guard captain is Richard Jones and business managers are Dan Walker and Antonio Carbone.

Interstatesmen - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

The 65 man strong Interstatesmen Drum & Bugle Corps is recognized and respected by every Drum Corps in the country. This achievement may be directly attributed to the hard work of the talented musicians from dozens of cities and towns within a 200-mile radius of Albany, New York, and the excellent teachings of a top flight team of professional instructors whose collaboration has produced a show comparable to any fine Broadway production.

In 1960, while representing the Berkshire (Massachusetts) and Rensselaer (New York) County Council of American Legion, the silver trimmed, red and black clad Interstatesmen captured the Massachusetts American Legion State and the Connecticut American Legion State (open) competition Senior Marching and Maneuvering Championships. Their high stepping Color Guard, defending Yankee Circuit Color Guard Champions, again showed their superiority by copping the 1960 Northeastern Circuits Championship Color Guard Trophy.

Under the capable field direction of Alan Smyth, the Northeastern Circuits Outstanding Drum Major of 1960, the Interstatesmen will feature their powerful 39-man horn line. As they step off the line they will feature the following selections: "Road Show," "On The Mall," "Maleguena," "It's All Right With Me," "Baia" and concert numbers of "St. Louis Blues," "Mambo" and "Tropical Heat Wave," arranged to present a variety of effects and sounds that are possible to achieve in today's drum & bugle corps.

Drill Instructor is Bill Hooton; Horn Instructor, Don DelRa; Drum Instructor, John Pratt; Drum Major, Alan Smyth; Color Sergeant, Phil Carpenter; Manager, Walter Wood; Chairman, Robert I. Manuel.

Westshoremen - (DP programbook)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

The Westshoremen - Bonnie Scots are rated as one of the leading corps of the country. During the past ten years the corps has captured two national titles and six Pennsylvania state championships.

Traditionally noted for its solid musical and military programs, the corps, this year under the direction of Mr. Bertram Olley, presents a well-rounded and overall varying musical program. Familiar to many ears will be thr strains of Colonel Bogey, Grand Old Flag, Alabama Jubilee and the traditional Scottish marching song, "Bonnie Lassie". Corps director is Bertram Olley, Assistant director is Norman Warfel, Drum Instructor is George Satchell, Drum Major is Richard Christener and the Business Manager is T.V. O'Connell. For your enjoyment and appreciation we proudly present the 1962 version of the "boys in powder blue."

Reilly Raiders - (DP program book)

from the 1962 Drum Pageant program book

The epitome of perfection - the combination of intricate drill patterns and stirring music respond to the effervescent magic of the Champion of Champions, the incomparable Reilly Raiders, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Utilizing a most talented complement of personnel from the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, this unique organization has thrilled the hearts of audiences, with their excellent performances in all major cities from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida, and in Provinces of Canada.

Pre-eminent is their emphasis on the future, but with a superior regard for the enviable record compiled in recent years, including the unequaled record of being the only Senior Drum and Bugle Corps, in the country, to win both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars National Championships, the Reilly Raiders will present a program of entirely different music and drill in their 1962 presentation, designed to win the hearts of many admirers. In all aspects, the Reilly Raiders are destined to write anew, the annals of history of the Drum Corps World.

The administration of the Corps is directed by Walt Huhn, the Corps Commander, who is assisted by Business Manager, Edgar W. Middleton. An especially competent staff of instructors include Robert Adair, Music Instructor; Harry Ginther, Percussion Instructor; and Fred Eckardt, Drill Instructor.

Crusaders - (DP program book)

From the 1962 Drum Pageant Contest (program book)

The 1962 Crusaders Drum Corps is sponsored by the Irondequoit Post No. 134 American Legion, Irondequoit, N.Y., and the Veterans Memorial Post 1466, VFW of Rochester, N.Y. One of the most colorful of the nation's top drum corps, they are known as the "Fabulous Crusaders" throughout the United States and Canada.

The Crusaders uses a powerful perfect 39-man horn line ; a precision 9-man drum section ; and a very active 14-man color guard. They have one of the most exciting and moving drills ever coordinated with a splendid variety of appealing music.

Vincent Bruni is the Corps Director and Drill arranger ; Musical Director, Edward Mizma ; Business Manager, Ken Thomas. This fabulous group captured 12 first places last year - out of 15 contests .... they captured the New York State Championship and the New York-Canadian Championship. They also hold the 7th District American Legion Championship as well as the Copper City championship of Rome, N.Y.

1962 Drum Pageant Program

1962 - 12th Annual Drum Pageant (programbook)