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Music In Motion

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., Aug. 25 - The Newburgh Criterions won a low-scoring "Music in Motion" contest co-sponsored by the Lambertville "Volunteers" here tonight.

Whippany Colonials took the drum trophy, along with the second place.

The Scores:
1. Criterions -- 76.60
2. Whippany Colonials -- 76.03
3. Jersey Devils -- 74.67
4. Bangor Yellow Jackets -- 73.452
5. Milton Keystoners -- 64.77
6. Chocolatiers -- 64.25

Musketeers Win At Claremont
By A.W. Brooks
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

CLAREMONT, N.H., Aug. 19 - Utilizing their advantage in M&M execution, the Peabody Musketeers added another Yankee Circuit victory to their list of accomplishments this afternoon at Monadnock Park.

Registering a final mark of 80.550, the North Shore group fended off the challenge of the Milford Spartans for the second time this weekend. The Milford-ites grabbed high drum mark, though a point penalty foiled their bid and dropped them to 79.550.

Danvers' gigantic Blue Angels contingent moved up to third - (72.883), with the Leicester Girls, nearly equal in size, fourth - (68.838).

Class B saw the defending champion Auburn Noteables chalk up another win with a mark of 75.383, while the improved Worcester Paramounts were second at 71.100. The Claremont Cavaliers were third, scoring 60.133.

Judging was by the All-American Association Contest Judges.

Peabody's Charlotte Seward was the recipient of the Best Drum Major award.

Penn-Jersey Observations
By Ernest Saxton
DCN Sept. 12, 1962

During the past few weeks, I have received numerous letters from numerous drum corps fans in this area telling me that they are in full agreement with my article in the July 11, 1962 edition of the DRUM CORPS NEWS, which was in regard to the lowly condition of drum corps in the Pennsylvania and South Jersey area due to some of the directors of the small corps in this area.

I have also received letters from people who totally disagree with my points of outlook and told me so in no uncertain terms.There was only one thing about these letters that prevents the mentioning of them in my column and that is the fact that they were not signed. So I have taken it for granted that those who did not sign their letters have no real belief in what they were saying.

I would appreciate it if in the future, when you disagree with what I have to say, that you sign your name to the letters.

Rumor has it that a new and powerful junior drum corps will spring up in the Bayonne, N.J. area next season with members from the old St. Vinnie's corps forming the nucleus... Selden Cadets doing a real nice job in recent competitions beating such corps as Audubon, Woodsiders, Loretto and Bracken just to name a few....still moving up the drum corps success ladder are the Vagabonds of Haddon Heights, N.J., a great drum line combined with horn power make for a nice show..... Bracken Cavaliers are having their share of troubles but are taking a couple of weeks off to rebuild their show ......... very sorry to hear about the passing away of Mrs. Robert Manhardt, wife of Drum Corps World writer, Bob Mannhardt. My deepest sympathy to Bob and his family. .... and once again, I am forced to sit at home while everyone else goes to Nationals, WORK, WORK, WORK..... and in recent weeks it has been my pleasure to meet such people as Joe Capone (Pittsburgh Rockets), Jerry Dreva (Drum Corps News), and many others whose names have slipped my mind.... congrads to Chicago and the Reading Buccaneers on their victories at VFW Nationals...... and real nice corps from down Baltimore way is the "Starlighters", only their first year of competition and already they are showing the signs of being tops in a few years, dual majorettes take lessons from Arthur Murray.... Harriet Girton, former member of the Bracken Cavaliers, will be tip-toeing down the aisle on September 1st.
I will see you around,

Racine Kilties, Boys Of '76 Win At Kenosha
By Jerry Dreva
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

KENOSHA, Wis., Aug. 25 - The Racine Kilties tonight took first place in junior corps competition sponsored by the Kingsmen of Kenosha.

The Boys Of '76 easily outclassed the other competing senior corps to win by a margin of fourteen full points. The trophy for the top GE score went to the Boys Of '76, while the Kilties took home the trophy given for the highest overall score.

1. Kilties ................... 79.60
2. Racine Scouts ........ 76.95
3. Shoreliners ........... 61.20

1. Boys Of '76 ........... 77.40
2. Skokie Indians ...... 63.75
3. Winfield-Scott ....... 58.65

St. Kevin's To Take In New Members
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

The Saint Kevin Emerald Knights drum and bugle corps will accept new members into it's ranks at a special "Rally Night" on Tuesday evening, September 18, at the CYO center on Columbia Road in the Dorchester section of Boston.

Beginners as well as people having a knowledge of the drum and bugle will be welcome to join this well-known drum corps unit.

Applicants will be received between 7:30 and 9 o'clock. The CYO center adjoins the Saint Kevin church property. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday for music and on Thursday at Commonwealth Armory for drill.

Belles of St. Mary's 1962

Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962 issue

BELLES OF ST. MARY'S of Hull, Mass., White Unit, is shown at Cooke Field, Minneapolis Aug. 13 as they won the Junior Girls Drill Team Class A crown at the V.F.W. Championships (Photo by Rev. John Lepore)

Bon Bons Down Vasella At Haddon Heights
By Gary L. Burr
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

HADDON HEIGHTS, N.J., Aug. 24 - The Audubon Bon Bons won the Vagabonds competition here tonight before an overflow crowd on a cool evening, besting the Vasella Musketeers and six other corps.

Bill Hart, WCAV-TV personality, was announcer.

The Scores:
1. Audubon Bon Bons -- 84.83
2. Vasella Musketeers -- 84.52
3. Newark Woodsiders -- 83.17
4. Belles of St. Mary -- 77.42
5. St. Vincent Cadets -- 71.15
6. Victorians -- 66.75
7. Brigadiers -- 63.80
8. Bellaires -- 61.93

Pittsfield Cavs Top Utica Yankees At Asbury Park
By Tom Gilmartin
DCN Sept 12, 1962

ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- The Pittsfield Boys Club Alumni of Pittsfield, Mass., recently, took first place in a contest held here with a score of 85.283, edging out the Magnificent Yankees of Utica, N.Y. The Yankees scored 84.58, and captured the trophies for best color guard and drum major. The Monarchs of Pittsfield, Mass. placed third with a score of 81.26, fourth went to the Continental Cadets of Catskill, N.Y. with 75.256, fifth went to the Imperials of Pittsfield with 74.946, and sixth place to the Scarlet Raiders of Adams, Mass. with 73.00.

The winning Pittsfield Cavaliers left Asbury Park the next morning and drove directly back to their home state where they participated in the Firemen's Muster and Parade in Cummington, Mass.

Pittsfield Was Hudson-Berkshire King in 1961
Drum Corps News Sept. 12, 1962 issue

It was noted in the July 25 issue of Drum Corps News, in the cut line story under a photo of the Fairlawn, N.J. "Lawmen", that they were the 1961 Hudson-Berkshire Circuit Champions. Since that time, Drum Corps News has learned that the Lawmen were not in the championship contest held at Green Island, N.Y., and the Pittsfield Boys Club Allumni Corps of Pittsfield, Mass. won that Championship and carry the flag for the 1961-62 season. The Fairlawn Cadets were members of the Hudson-Berkshire Circuit in 1961, but they have since dropped out of the circuit.

The 1960-61 championships were won by the Valiant Crusaders of Rensselaer, N.Y.

The 1962-63 champs for the circuit? This will be decided when the championship contest is held in Pittsfield, Mass. This month.

West Coast-Line

By Russ Bell
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

The Stockton Calif. Joaquin Caballeros held their first contest and the show was a complete success all around. The affair was in conjunction locally with the City Captain Webber Days celebration and featured a night parade with the field contest the next day.

A crowd of 1,000 watched the Richmond Hawks take first place over their big city rivals, the San Francisco Knights of Cathay. The scores were Hawks, 78.20; Cathay, 76.40. In the Srs., the Caballeros, 80.02 and the Sacramento Capatolaiers, 69. A fine exhibition was put on by the Stockton Jrs., the Delta Thunderbirds led by drum major George Ratamoza.

The Napa County Fair featured a huge street parade and a field contest, which was won by Richmond Hawks, 83.4 in the Jrs. The Joaquin Caballeros took first place in the Sr. division with a score of 82.6. This was the first time the Hawks have beaten the Caballeros in points. Led by drum major Frank Rua, the Hawks stepped off the line a little late due to the insistence of the inspection judge on changing the unique style of the Corps presenting their bugles. The music was never better and the concert "No Other Love" and the twist bit with that dancing cymballer De Dotson was a terrific show. The Manhart Sr. Corps took second in the Srs. With a bigger line, this Corps should move up in Corps contests. I like their "St. Louis Blues".

The newest Corps in the North, the Delta Thunderbirds, put on their first field show and had the Hawks all rooting for them on the sidelines. With a very sharp color guard leading a sharp drill with the Corps, Delta plays such numbers as "Besame", "Love Walked In", "Always Chasing Rainbows", and "Never Walk Alone". Drum Major George Ratamoza leads the Corps in a sharp manner and the leaders of this Corps can well be proud of their hard work. John Bouteiller, former N.J. corpsman, is helping with the Corps.

I hope all the eastern fans saw the Knights of Cathay on T.V. Sun., Aug. 19 between halves of the 49er N.Y. Giant pro football game. This will give you a look at two western jrs. as the Hawks appeared last year and are awaiting a call this year to appear perhaps in December.

In The Land Of Cotton
By L.J. Schenk
DCN Sept. 12 issue

Congratulations to the Cavaliers and the Buccaneers on their win at the V.F.W. Nationals this year. I did not get to see this contest, but have heard that it was one of the best ever.

On the local scene, the Southernaire drum section has received their new drums. They are gold sparkle with a red stripe and go very well with their uniforms. Now there is talk of getting new uniforms.

As you know, pro football is now upon us and the "Southernaires" started off with a half-time show for 31,000 fans during the Houston "Oilers" and the Boston "Patriots" exhibition game at City Park Stadium. The crowd received them well from the time they came off the line with "Dixie" till they marched off the field playing "Mammy" for an exit.

Hurricanes Keep Win Streak Clear
Drum Corps News Sept 12, 1962 issue

MILFORD, Conn., Aug. 25 - The fast moving, smooth machine operated by the Conn. Hurricanes and engineered by drum major Bob Daniels, swept through five Northeastern competitors here tonight and remained the only corps unbeaten in Circuit meets this year.

The contest was held in connection with the choosing of a Miss Connecticut to represent the State in the Miss World contest later this year and was completely filmed for television Channel 8 (Conn.) to be shown Sept. 9 prior to the Yankee Baseball game.

Although the judges had trouble keeping their mind on the corps with 13 bathing beauties walking back and forth, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the Hurricanes could not be touched here tonight. Their closest competition, the Carver Gay Blades, are showing steady improvement but had to settle for a five point margin and second place.

Third place went to the Sunrisers of Long Island, followed by the Torrington Vagabonds, New Rochelle Wanderers and Byram Stateliners.

The scores:
Hurricanes ............ 86.216
Carver .................. 81.133
Sunrisers .............. 78.833
Vagabonds ........... 74.566
Wanderers ........... 71.366
Stateliners ............ 68.050

Inside & Outside Indiana
By Ray Ludwin
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

Hello people!!! It's been quite some time since my last column, but with nothing to write about I decided a lay off would be in order.

First in order, I owe my readers an apology for not printing the results of my all-time favorite drum corps songs - so:
1. The All-Time Favorite - "Love For Sale" - Pittsburgh Rockets - 113 first place votes.
2. "Battle Hymn" - Chicago Cavaliers - 82 first place votes.
3. "Siboney" - Hawthorne Caballeros - 41 first place votes.

Well, half the battle is over and it was a close one at Minneapolis, with the Cavies retaining their VFW title, close pressed by the Chicago Royal Airs. The midwest has come out 1 - 2 VFW-wise.

Garfield feeling the sting of the top two not only at Minneapolis but at Skokie and Momence, are not to be denied the true champions that they are. Providing a much more open and exciting drill than other corps, their downfall was simply that they did more on the field than the winners. I personally feel that this holds true for all the eastern corps.

St. Mary's Cardinals put on a beautiful show, but gave the judges too much room to cut them down. Further, I feel the Cambridge Caballeros really got the short end of the stick. They put on a much better show than their score indicated.

Reading Bucs proved too big, too powerful and too good for their competitors. Hilton did a fine job for their first national try.

Prior to the Nationals, the Cavies, Royal Airs and Garfield finished 1,2,3 in that order at Skokie, Ill. and Momence, Ill. However, while the Cavies were taking State Fair honors from the Royal Airs, Garfield topped Madison at the Stillwater "Drum Beauty". Some one said Miami beat Madison's horns at Stillwater. This I can't believe, for I, personally,feel Madison was the best horn line in the mid-west this year.

Half the sweat is over, and next it's Las Vegas. I wish all my readers would go back to the October 6, 1961 issue of DCN, where I predicted a National Championship for the Royal Airs. Garfield will have to work hard to beat them out west.

We saw corps from the east, west, north, south, and mid-west at Minneapolis and they all represented themselves as true corpsmen and corpswomen. The best VFW show in sometime. Nice job, Tony.
Many Fleetwood bags seen in the midwest.
Watch for at least 8 new Fleetwood releases soon.
Dave King at VFW all the way from Alaska.

Musketeers Win N.H. Drums
By A.W. Brooks
DCN Sept. 12, 1962 issue

ROCHESTER, N.H., Aug. 18 - For the third successive year, "New Hampshire Drums" played to a standing room only crowd, but this year there was an added thrill at the Spaulding Field affair hosted by the Graniteers Drum and Bugle Corps.

Fans sat and stood in disbelieving fashion as the ultimate in modern drum and bugle corps presentation unfolded before them as the United States Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps of Bolling Field in our Nation's capitol and then erupted like a surpressed volcano in ocean after ocean of applause.

Milford's Spartans, winner on two previous occasions, failed in a bid to win an unprecedented third successive victory as they were dumped into the runner-up spot by the Peabody Musketeers. Milford hit 80.25 while the victorious Muskies were well ahead with 83.55.

The Blue Angels of Danvers were a relatively distant third at 69.150 and the Leicester Girls ended up fourth with 68.130.

In Class B, the defenders, Auburn's classy Noteables scored a decisive triumph over their lone competitor, the Worcester Paramounts. Auburn - 73.016 and Paramounts - 68.916.

Winner of the award reserved for top drum major of the evening was annexed by Milford's Terry Lorden.

The host Graniteers presented a well-received exhibition for the hometown supporters and then served as "guinea pig" for a pre-retreat disc-jockey drum majoring contest.