Saturday, April 02, 2011

Eric Perrilloux Legend!

Paying Homage!
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Look at some of his prodigies. How cool is that?!
Johnnie Oddo, Mark Holub, "Fast Frankie" Nash... etc... Countless others that didn't even make the picture.

God Bless him and a very Happy Birthday!!

According to my emails... there are many, many, many, folks that want to wish him well and good wishes and just plain.... too many thoughts and feelings and recognitions to mention!

Eric, please know that your numerous pupils... love and admire you!!

This little post doesn't even come close to paying you homage. You have been such a great mentor and inspiration to SO many!! Think about it... how many of your pupils have gone on to teach ?

Some have gone on to teach Championship Corps!
Don't you dare underestimate yourself. You are a Drum God!!
I can't thank you enough!!

Any one want to add on... please hit the comment section.

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At 3:34 PM, April 04, 2011, Blogger NanciD said...

I met Mr. Perrilloux as a young Pada Wan at the age of 14. I played like my life depended on passing the audition that Friday night for St. Rita's Brassmen's drum line back in 1970. Mr. Perrilloux looked at me sternly and said,
"Son. If you hope to make this drum you must be here on time at 8:00.We need to strengthen that left hand of your."
All I could mutter was a weak, "Yes sir :sad: ."
"Speak up son I can't hear you, he had bellowed.
"YES SIR" I shouted back.
Mr.Perrilloux gave that look of uncertainty :rock: . All I could do but muster up a weak smile :satisfied: . LOL

He even paid me a compliment that night because I had learned a new part before some of the veteran tenor players. However, I muffed the part on the next go round and Mr. Perrilloux gave me that "What the hell are you playing son?" :mad: look. LOL.

I learned a lot about quality of sound and musicality from Mr. Perrilloux. My finest year in my drumming career was playing marching tympani in 1972 under his great musical tympani parts. I carried the 23' tympani. We were dubbed "THe Beast" section. Our tympani line was doing crossovers to each other'drum.No other tympani lines was doing that back then. 1972 is my favorite year as a percussionist. I went from tenor to double tenors to tympani to tri-toms while under the guidance of Mr. Perrilloux.

I will always remember the life lessons Mr. Perrilloux taught us all at St. Rita's Brassmen. I hope I too can live a wonderful prosperous meanful life like he is still doing. And I hope to be able to continue to give back some of my drumming knowledge to the young people I work with today.Playing at his 90th birthday will be the highlight of 2011 for me. Thank you Mr. Eric Perrilloux. :worthy:

St. Rita's Brassmen 1970-74
Currently with Brassmen alumni Corps

At 3:37 PM, April 04, 2011, Blogger NanciD said...

The tribute to honor Eric Perrillouix on his 90th birthday was a special day for all in attendance. The occasion also gave us a great opportunity to thank him for the standard of excellence that he instilled in all of us. The determination to accept nothing less than 100% of what you're capable of is something that Eric, HY Drietzer and Carman Cluna constantly preached to us in the St. Rita's Brassmen. My personal approach to this activity was shaped by that determination and I'm glad that we could honor Eric for his special day.
J. Frank Nash

At 3:39 PM, April 04, 2011, Blogger NanciD said...

See? This is why I wanted you guys to personally post. Now it looks like I have made these comments.


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