Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Musical Service To Open In Chicago

DCN May 22, 1963

The nation's first complete musical service for drum and bugle corps will open in Chicago this month. SOUNDS AND SONGS, headed by Truman W. Crawford, who after ten years has ended his tenure as Musical Director of the world renowned U.S. Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps, is the first service of its type devoted exclusively to the musical needs of the nation's corps.

In addition to the sale of instruments, (they will handle the much desired Holton Bugle, recently returned to the market under the name of the "Ludwig Classic") will be the availability of Crawford-penned arrangements. Thru the service, corps in both the United States and Canada will be able to aquire music of the same caliber as that played by the nation's champions.

Featured by SOUNDS AND SONGS will be the sale of drums and bugles, musical arrangements, drills, drum parts, a complete repair service, a full line of corps records, both private and full corps instruction, and free professional advice to organizations having specific problems. In summing it up Crawford stated, "We believe that we will be able to answer the musical needs of any corps, no matter their size or location".


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