Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Real Reilly Story

An Editorial...
DCN May 22, 1963 issue

The Drum Corps world was numbed by the announcement in the April 24 issue of D.C.N. of the disbandment of the famed REILLY RAIDERS, perrenial National Champions and a favorite of crowds everywhere. Now, however, the picture looks brighter.

It is true that the Raiders did officially disband for the 1963 competitive season at a meeting held April 15, 1963. Indeed, a letter was sent out by Edgar W. Middleton, Past Commander, to all contest supervisors who had signed Reilly for their shows and to the publications informing them of this fact.

We have now received official word, however, from those persons most directly concerned that Reilly is definitely NOT disbanding forever. They have very definite plans to commence rehearsals on weekdays beginning in August, with a full rehearsal schedule to go in effect at the end of the season. Plans are to field a competitive Corps in 1964 if all goes well.

Also, the famed "Wild Bill" Hooton will once again be at the M&M helm of the Corps if enough members can be amassed. To this end, the Corps will attempt to organize a nucleus which will appear in parades this summer.

A series of discouraging setbacks which would have meant the end of many a lesser Corps have beleagured the Raiders, but they are determined to overcome them. Things look encouraging, so get back in there, you Reilly men! We'll be looking for you!


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