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Vanguards Win Southern Opener

By Dick Klund
Drum Corps News May 22, 1963

MIAMI, Fla., May 11 -- It was Judgement Day in Miami at the South's first field competition of the year, sponsored by the Miami VANGUARDS, and the judges made the most of it.

In a low-scoring contest, the Miami VANGUARDS were spoilsports at their own show, winning the Class A competition with a score of 74.875. Florida's defending senior champions, the GOLDCOASTERS, are the only other Class A drum and bugle corps, making it necessary for the host corps to compete in their own contest. The Goldcoasters scored 66.85, after losing penalty points in drumming and timing.

In Class B competition, all three corps scored badly in the drumming caption, due to a lack of qualified instructors in the South and also to inexperience.

The North Miami GRENADIERS won Class B with a score of51.50. The Eau Gallie HURRICANES were second with 49.175 and the Orlando FALCONS third with 43.925.

The casual observer would have ranked all the corps higher after seeing them put on an enjoyable show, unaware of the technical points of drumming and other less obvious errors.

The Grenadiers were unimpressive in victory. Their show lacked spirit and drive and their music faded in many parts even beyond recognition. Perhaps they have been cradled too long in Class B competition, without moving up.

Now even Class B competition looks threatening. This is good for Florida corps and it should prove healthy for the Grenadiers.

Both Eau Gallie and Orlando came loaded for bear. The kids obviously had worked hard in preparation for their first drum and bugle corps competition and if they do not become discouraged by low scores, they can only improve.

My impression was that Eau Gallie had a cleaner sound on the horns and Orlando had a little more exciting drill.

The Vanguards, in winning class A also displayed a need for harder work.But it was far from a complacent performance and was enthusiastically received by the crowd of about 500. They wore new red plumes for the first time and in parts of the drill looked most impressive.

The Goldcoasters have been working hard to overcome a long layoff from activity after nationals of last year and should show steady improvement.

For the first time in Florida Contest Circuit competition, prize money was awarded to all competitors. Money won by the Vanguards was donated to the corps coming the greatest distance, the Orlando Falcons.

An almost imperceptible increase in enthusiasm for drum corps and competitions was noticed in this contest. Perhaps the South will rise again. Remember, Greybeards, Harvey Seeds used to win national championships!


At 6:39 PM, December 07, 2006, Blogger George said...

I was a member of the horn line in the North Miami GRENADIERS during this competition. George

Also on the horn line...Spencer Eisenberg. On drums, the great David Rappaport.


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