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Wandering With The Waters
By Betty and Joe Waters
DCN Aug. 8, 1962 issue

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 11 - The Baranard Fire Department of Greece, New York had the really big one as far as fireman's parades are concerned in the Flower City. So big that we won't take up too much space with it.

Here is a list of the drum corps present with the Crusaders taking the honors:Blue Angels of Greece, N.Y. - Emerald Cadets of Rochester, N.Y. - Hi Tones of Hamlin, N.Y. - Crusaders of Irondequoit, N.Y. - Rancheros of Nunda, N.Y. - Melodiers of Lackawanna, N.Y. - Dutchtown Lancers of Rochester, N.Y. - TCI Geneseeans of Rochester, N.Y. - Alpine Girls of Irondequoit, N.Y. - Grey Knights of Rochester, N.Y. - Sabers of Spencerport, N.Y. - Excaliburs of Palmyra, N.Y. - and Father Kelly's Boys of Batavia, N.Y.

FALCONER, N.Y., July 21 - 5th Annual Bugler's Holiday - This contest saw an upset - something there hasn't been much of this year.In most of our wanderings we have been able to come pretty close to the outcome before the contest started. We enjoyed very much seeing the Appleknockers of Geneva, N.Y. come out on top over some highly touted competition. Even though a score of 73.80 won the contest, Geneva really looked good. Their "Jezebel", Hawaiian War Chant" and their trademark, "Apple Blossom Time" are still music to these old ears even though they have been around quite a while. Music-wise, Geneva is and always has been a good crowd pleaser. In our opinion, a stronger drum line and some brushing up on drill will have them scoring much higher.

In second with 71.90, the Grey Knights of Rochester, N.Y. just didn't have it on this particular night. Every corps is entitled to a bad night once in a while and this was the Knights.

Due to unforeseen parking problems, having to rush out and move the Lark, we had the misfortune of missing the Kingsmen of Hamburg, N.Y. This was a blow to us because we had looked forward all evening to seeing their routine. Herewith, except our apologies, but all we can give you is their score of 67.90 for third place.

The Flying Dutchmen from Kitchner, Waterloo nosed out the Black Knights of Salamanca, N.Y. by .15 for fourth place.

In exhibition and acting as host corps for the evening were the fabulous Toronto Optimists.

BATAVIA, N.Y., July 28 - Operation Minneapolis - as you probably can tell by the title, the proceeds of this contest will help to send Father Kelly's Boys to Minneapolis for the VFW Nationals. The competing units were the Crusaders of Irondequoit, N.Y., 79.5; the Grey Knights of Rochester, N.Y., 75.8; the Niagara Memorial Militaires 72.3; the Jesters, Toronto, 67.95; and the Black Knights of Salamanca, N.Y. with 57.75.

What makes a championship corps? We reported a few weeks ago that the Crusaders, after some unfavorable scores, decided to change some of their routine in the middle of the season. This is the first time we have seen them in over a month. The color guard part of the routine has been completely changed. At least 50% of the drill has been changed - solos have been added to the concert of "And The Angels Sing", and additional GE drum work has been added. All this sounds like a corps preparing for a new season. Bear in mind all these changes were made in the middle of the competitive season, and accomplished in less time than it takes most corps to learn one new number. This is what makes a championship corps. Not only the ability of the instructors can accomplish this - the drive and the know-how of each corps member from the quartermaster throughout the entire reins of the organization is reflected in the new look of the Crusaders. Under these trying circumstances, the Crusaders have been out of first place only three times this season. Two of those losses were to the same corps. Under normal circumstances, they would again win the State Championship, but then this year's New York State is abnormal to say the least.

The Grey Knights seem to have lost most of their drive shown at the first of the season. As we have said before, they have a well balanced show, both music-wise and M&M. Pick them up, boys, the season is getting short.

The Niagra Memorial Militaires - what an unusual drum corps. For those who haven't heard and I doubt there are many, the new look of the Militaires - straw hats, candy-striped blouses, white pants, red socks and white shoes. A lot of their drill is old as far as drum corps is concerned, such as the shoulder rest ala Reilly, and the old scatter routine, but the way they are presented, makes them seem fresh and different. Music is strictly gay nineties. "Memories", "I Want A Girl", "Swanee River", "That Old Gang Of Mine", "After The Ball" and exit to "Bye Bye Blues". The purist will be strictly against this corps, but we can see no more gimmicks than bongos, outsized horns and what have you.

The Jesters from Toronto have a real jazzy arrangement featuring both baritones and soprano solos. Another arrangement of "Exodus" sounded very good. The oldie of "I'll See You In My Dreams" is their exit. Looking forward to seeing more of this corps in the future.

Understand that the Black Knights of Salamanca are going to take two weeks off to do a little brushing up and see if they can't get out of the fifties.

The Emerald Cadets of Rochester, N.Y. were one of the exhibition corps. Strictly Irish theme - "Irish Lullaby", nice little dance step to "Kerry Dancers", "Does Your Mother Come From Ireland", and others. This is the only coed horn line we have seen this season.

Each member of Father Kelly's Boys was introduced to the audience by name from the starting line. As usual, they outscored every corps in the contest.

- - - Remember, talk is cheap, because the supply always exceeds the demand. Hang in there.


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