Saturday, March 25, 2006

Whaling City Report
By Richie Antone
DCN Aug. 8, 1962 issue

The biggest news from the area is that one of the first Northeastern Circuit contests will be held Aug. 18, at Sargent Field, New Bedford, Mass., under the auspices of the Jolly Whalers.

The corps scheduled to appear are Kingsmen, Fitchburg, Mass.; Thunderbirds, Somerville, Mass.; Vagabonds, Torrington, Conn.; Buccaneers, Bath Maine; and the Wanderers, New Rochelle, New York. There will also be exhibitions by the I.C. "Reveries" of Revere, Mass., and the Jolly Whalers.

We would like to urge you to attend and help to promote corps interest in an area that has few contests.

Shame to see Golden Raiders, an up-and-coming Junior Corps in R.I. Assn. Circuit, having difficulties, seemingly caused by addition of some glory seekers. Why do we have to have those clowns around? Royal Lancers from R.I. acquiring many new horns.

R.I. Musketeers sound as if there is another "no-competing season" coming up! Understand they are in need of some new horn men.

Holy Rosary Caballeros, looking forward to a good year, have joined the ranks of the new All-American Circuit.

Jolly Whalers, last years' R.I. Assn. Champs, have resigned, due to the confliction of dates between R.I. and the other two Circuits to which they belong - the Northeastern and All-American. While on the subject of R.I. Assn., it's sad to note that they only have two contests in addition to the Championship, and with a 60% eligibility ruling, the Championship might be void of much senior competition.

The Fairhaven, Mass. Sesquicentennial Parade, due for July 29th, has one of the best lineup of corps for a parade in this area - with the exception of a state convention. Corps scheduled to appear are Jolly Whalers, Somerville T-Birds, Worcester Crusaders, Norwood Debonnaires, R.I. Musketeers, Fairhaven Legion Juniors, Blue Angels, Yankee Division, Gilbert Perry, with a few more corps pending replies.

Attended the T-Birds meet in Somerville on July 7. The results of the contest were Jolly Whalers, 5th; Vagabonds, 4th; Kingsmen, 3rd; Troopers, 2nd; Conn. Yankees, 1st.

Look forward to the Buccaneers meet, Aug 4.


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