Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Features, Tips, Suggestions from your hostess NanciD

Hello again... hope everyone is well.

I've added a couple new features that should make it easier for all of us to share these Historical gems
(without the need to steal them or hassle of trying to copy and paste long links).

If you'd like to share the article you are viewing.... look at the bottom of that article: there is a line that says,
Posted by NanciD @ time & date, # of comments, links to this post, and a little picture of an envelope w/ an arrow.

***If you'd like to email a particular article to a friend... click on the little  envelope with an arrow. That opens up a new window.... you fill in who you want it emailed to.

***If you'd like to share a particular article on your website, Facebook, forum, etc... click on: links to this post. That opens up a window with the link to that article only! Not the whole long page of posts that you have to scroll through.

And please feel free to add on to the comment section of these articles. Mention when you marched there or if you are in the picture featured. Or if you remember the correct description of the uniform colors...
Or any other memories you'd like to share.
Let's make this as personal and REAL and correct as possible.

Any problems or questions... please feel free to email me


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