Monday, June 26, 2006

Puerto Rican Parade

DCN 6-12-63

NEW YORK CITY, June 2 - The spectacular Puerto Rican parade held here today featured over 35 crack metropolitan Drum Corps and was heralded by many as surpassing the St. Patrick's Day effort in this city of outstanding parades. Attorney General Robert Kennedy was on hand in the reviewing stand with Mayor Robert Wagner to watch the event, which was also witnessed by over 50,000 enthusiastic fans.

Although there were no prizes awarded, many Corps put on their usual fine show, including the Garfield Cadets, the fast rising Sunrisers of Mineola, L.I., the Bridgeport P.A.L. Cadets, St. Rocco's Cadets of Brooklyn, Manhattan's Paulettes, the Mainliners of Floral Park, L.I., the Carter Cadets of Brooklyn, N.Y., the Selden Cadets, the Thunderstreaks, the Irwin Kingsmen, and the Amboy Dukes, plus many others.

From the standpoint of the Corps participating, this was one of the finest parades ever held in the "Big City."


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